How do you weigh out different portions


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Hi is anyone on here on WW but cooks for others in the family at the same time. For example if i wanted to make a stew and wieghed out meat and potatoes etc first how do you divide up the portions because even if you weighed the total and divided it , the portions still aren't accurate because one portion may be weighing less as it had less carrots in but more meat if you see what i mean. Argggghhh what is the best way to do this? Do i really need to cook two meals? What do others do?
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Yep I would weigh the meat seperately & then the potatoes. That is what I did today.


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I kind of "guesstimate" mine I have to admit. I weigh it out first (raw weight) to get an idea of the amount of meat and potatos I can have and then when it comes to dishing up I just make sure my other half gets more than I do and that I get a portion resembling what I weighed out to start with... works for me


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I cook for myself and 3 other people (mum, dad, OH) nearly every night of the week and we all eat the same thing with the same portions. I always cooked before ww, so it wouldn't change now - but the idea of trying to sort diff portions once it's all cooked sounds likes nightmare.

Because of the healthier spin I'm putting on the food I'm not eating a high amount of points in the evening just because everyone is having the same. Just making everyone else in the house eat healthily.

Of course it means I have to make sure I don't binge out during the day - otherwise I don't have enough points for dinner. I get 20 discover points a day and dinner is somewhere between 6 and 8.

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I also just divide the points out - if the whole meal say shep pie was 10 between 2 I would count it as 10 and then weigh any other things on the plate if that makes sence.


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Depending on what im having I either:

Weigh the total before and work out the points and roughly estimate more many points they are.

I will weigh it when it is cooked using my WW scales where I can weigh them once they're cooked =3