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How far in before you felt good about yourself?

Hi everyone,

I'm just starting my 3rd week of slimming world, and was interested to know how long it took people to start feeling good about themselves again. I've had two fairly good losses so far, and am already feeling loads better about myself. I have a way to go yet before I think people will notice a change in me (physically), but I think I'm already holding my head a bit higher and feeling a bit more attractive. I don't know if it's down to the weight loss, or if I just feel a bit more self-worth now I'm finally getting off of my behind and doing something about it!

How has everyone else felt about themselves? And to the people who have lost loads, was there a specific point where you suddenly started feeling much more confident?
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
When people started commenting and my clothes started getting baggy, it felt like such an acheivement! I still have fat days, but who doesnt? I find it hard to see the changes though but i do often feel alot better, i even wear leggings when i wouldnt dream of it before!!!
This is my 7th week on sw and i've started to feel really good about myself as i can see a small difference in my body. I'm also 2lbs away from a stone and have never lost this much on any other diet i tried xx


Always comes back to MMs!
I think once I got to a stone off, and people began to comment, it all started to sink in and I felt really good about myself... I still have days when I feel down about my body but I honestly think that can happen at any size! You just hold your head high (like you are) and keep going.

Hope you feel all the positive changes this plan can bring soon xxxx
Everyone should always feel good about themselves, unless they have done something dreadful, like tormenting a kitten, murdering a neighbour, or forgetting to put the rubbish out!

Of course we are going to be pleased with an achievement, whatever it is - and congratulations on your achievement - but we should all hold our heads up high and remind ourselves that we have an absolute right to be here now, thin or fat.

If we decide we are only going to feel good about ourselves at some indeterminate point in the future, then we are wasting the here and now, and life is just too short to do that.
Love Avisk's post.
Weight wise, I started to feel good when I'd got to my Club 10. This is also when people statistically start to notice it on you too.
i feel great right now ive lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks felt great when i hit the stone my clothes feel alot loser and even though ive not dropped a dress size yet i feel less out of breath when out walking and also feel like i have alot more energy :)

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
I felt good when I saw my first loss on the scales because I knew not only was I doing something about my weight but also that what I was doing was working.

I'm 12 weeks in now & I feel great now because people are not only noticing but commenting on my weightloss plus I need new clothes :D I know that we should feel great regardless but its the sense of achievement that has really boosted my confidence now

Good luck
I felt good from day one. I had been miserable about my weight for ages. The day I decided to take control and do something about it was they day I felt instantly good. And it gets better every day.
So did I. It is an amazing feeling. The real feel good factor kicked in the day I put on Ellebears jeans. They now fall off me lol !!!!! They were like my lucky talisman and I lived in them for weeks until they were too big for a belt even.

That's me out then..

I forgot to put my rubbish, my recycling AND my food waste bins out :4633:
LOL !!!!!!! You baddy !!!!! :sign0151:

What a great idea for a thread and Avisk is so right. In an ideal world we should all feel good about ourselves if we have not committed some awful deed. Unfortunately it is not that way. We tend to be our own worst enemies and really punish ourselves.

Hold your head up high and walk tall. You are helping yourself and giving yourself a better future by doing what you are doing. You will be so much more healthy.
After a slow start (which admittedly deflated me) it picked up the next week. I am feeling more positive now than ever and that positivity is catching!

Work colleagues are encouraging me no end, and I genuinely feel this will work. never felt so optimistic about anything before. 1st in 4 weeks certainly helps, but I'm under no illusions that the 2nd stone will take a whole lot longer. I'm going to give it everything and see if I can get there for Christmas, that's just because I feel really capable at present.
i felt good from week 1 when i new i had lost and this was going to be a way of life and one i was going to be happy to stick with one i could make work for the first time in my adult life
I felt good about myself from the very first weigh-in, as I knew I had found a diet plan that suited me, and one that I could finally stick to

When my sister turned up at my house with a pair of jeans that were a size 16 and they fitted was the first time I felt good about the way I looked - I cried as my sis hugged me :)
I think it's great that so many people feel good straight off the mark - the decision to do something about your weight and (for the most part) see results so immediately is such an amazing feeling.

I completely agree with the sentiment of Avisk's post, and would love it if everyone felt that way. I suppose the reality of it is, if we did all feel so good about ourselves we wouldn't be trying to change anything. I'm sort of glad that I feel better after a few losses too, as it spurs me on for the week ahead.

I'm just so pleased to have found slimming world and am feeling really motivated to make these changes for life. It's the first time I've really been able to believe that I'm doing something that's fully sustainable, and not just a short term fix. The slim and healthy me is in sight, and I'm soooo blooming excited about it! :D


Plodding on.......
When my sister turned up at my house with a pair of jeans that were a size 16 and they fitted was the first time I felt good about the way I looked - I cried as my sis hugged me :)
I nearly cried too when I read that. How lovely :) . I'm so pleased for you blue smartie.

People started to notice the change in me from about 10-12lbs loss (although that was my Mum and sister !). Then people who didn't know have noticed from about 1.5 stones and lots more noticing now (almost 2.5 stones). I dropped clothing size from about a stone and am now about 2 sizes down on the bottom and just over 1 size down on the top. I still have a fair way to go too but I think it's quite noticeable and I feel great !!

Good luck.
My Mum (life's greatest critic) came to my flat yesterday and as we were chatting she said turn around ... I was wearing my sport clothes ... she said hey you're bum has lifted, you're getting a JLo bum

I thought of throwing a party lol
Once i had my first weigh in and saw it was working i started to feel good about myself. I think it was the fact that i am now in control of what i eat that did it as well.
It took me quite a while for me to realise I looked slimmer. It was weird, because I knew I was losing weight as the numbers on the scales were going down, my clothes were getting looser and people were commenting on how I looked slimmer, but when I looked in the mirror I couldn't see any difference! I think it was when I was 1.5 stone lighter that it sunk in and I started feeling good about myself.
Yeah I think for me it was from the first day I did the plan. I was really pleased i'd done it & been able to follow it well. Then from that 1st week of WI & i had lost I was really really pleased!

That patten followed suit with me as there were only 2 weeks & gained & both we're after weeks where I hadn't followed the plan at the weekends for what ever reason.

Everytime I went shopping for new clothes in a smaller size - wow what a feeling, but then when I got into size 10's I was so so proud I could have actually burst!! :D :D :D
i started to feel good when i got my first stone award ( first time round a few months ago ) i will feel great when i get rid of all these size 12's

i have had a wobbly start to this second time round start but im determined to be a sexy snow bunny this Christmas lolol