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How long to bake my chicken for?


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How long do i bake my chicken in the oven for? I was thinking of wrapping it in foil with some lemon juice and some herbs but how long do i need to bake it for? and what temp?

I've looked online but there is sooo many different times and temps ..ahhhh
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I usually put in a small dish with some water, top with herbs & black pepper or chicken seasoning and cover with foil. Then bake for 45mins at 200 or so until the juice is clear running out of it- but most recipes call for less time? I like it really done though, just keep basting it to keep it moist. HTH a little?


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ah thanks guys :)


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I drench the chicken in water under the tap, I then place it in foil and season it to my liking and then wrap it up. For me, I love my chicken very well done, no pinky bits what so ever. That's about 45 min on gas mark 3.

Enjoy :)


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I did it for 30 mins, gas mark 6 with 2 tbsp lemon juice and pepper and it came out lovely and moist and delish! :D


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Through experimenting with different times and temperatures etc I find it at it's moistest (haha new word!) and flavoursome when done for 20 mins at 190C (fan oven) wrapped in tinfoil - no water added. Sometimes I add lemon or lime juice, sometimes I add from frais. I was a bit scared to do it for so short a time at first because it didn't seem long enough but it really is enough time - promise :) xx


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I'll try it tomorrow Jan :)
depends on the size of the chicken - easiest way is about 7 mins on the George Forman, marinate in chinese 5 spices and greek yogurt and soy sauce, then grill - delish.

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