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how long until Drop dress size????

Hi all

Been on cambridge ss+ for 3 weeks and i have lost a stone and a half but I haven't dropped a dress size. I do look smaller and my clothes do feel loose but I wanted to know how long you have to be on the diet for before you actually drop a dress size.
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well done on the fab weight loss in such a short time! TBH everyone varies but without sounding rude the bigger you are the more weight it takes to drop a size. The first time I did CD it was probably about 2 stone before I saw enough change to go a size down. This time it was a stone. Hang in there you will see a change very soon then the next size down will be after a smaller loss.
I've lost 31 lbs, no drop sizes yet...but my jeans are getting loser though. I think i must lose like 15 lbs more to lose a size.


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I have lost 2 stone and am almost a size smaller! Been on SS almost 7 weeks!! xx


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Conventionally, a dress size is normally 1 stone in weight, but as other posters have said, everyone is different, so it will vary between each of us...

Mrs Z

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I did not drop dress sizes for ages at the start then all of a sudden it was almost overnight. Total of 5 dress sizes gone now.

Hope yours happens soon.
Someone told me taht if you are loosing weight but not dropping a dress size its cause the fat is going from around your internal organs- yuck! Made me feel a bit better- 3 stones down and 1 dress size :(
What does that mean? It will take longer for us to drop a size? :eek::eek::sigh:


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Ive bee on the diet now for nearly 8 weeks, and today ive got intoa smaller size jeans,:D xx


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I agree a lot with above. When I first started it seemed to take ages to drop one dress size, then slightly quicker for the next, quicker again for the next. Don't be disheartened, it will happen, just like it doesn't seem to come off equally each day/week. One day you wake up and the measurements are different from the day before. Very strange the way the body works!

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