How many men do LL?


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My Fiancee is thinking of starting the LL prog as I've been doing it for 2wks and have seen good results. He has a BMI of about 38/39 so has more to lose than me. How have you men found it??
We have a few men who have done LL...

Icemoose started off on LL and so did Professor and jimyeahbaby has just started he has own blog as do all the will find their blog on their user profile....these are just some of the names that spring to mind.

Men seem to lose twice as much as women overall in the same period.

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Hiya Fio

I found LighterLife to be absolutely brilliant and cannot recommend it enough and as us lucky boys shrink really quick on the diet I would strongly recommend your other half jumps on the programme.

Personally I did find that the group counselling didn't work for me which is why I moved over to Cambridge BUT if he believes that this is of benefit to him then tell him to go for it.

if he checks out my diary -- MyLighterLife he will see why i think it is a brill diet!!

Anyway let us know how he gets on.

Hi, I started the Cambridge D six weeks ago (I am told they are the same more or less) so far my verdict is fantastic. 19st 7 to 17st smack up in six weeks after 20 years of trying every diet going. I feel great in fact the best I have felt in years

Bring it on target weight here I come (well in a few month anyway)

Ps I read on a few post that you can splash a bit of tabasco sauce in the soups ? just done it tasted very nice but I think I over did it !! oh dear I think I need medical attention :eek:

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I know a few men go to my LLC and do really well. One goes to my GP so I know him a bit. However it seems that the men don't do the group stuff. They turn up, weigh, get their food and go ! So its worth checking with an LLC whether they actually put a group on for men or whether they just do 1:1 with them.
I did LL for 4-5 weeks and it is highly recommended for guys to lose weight. I changed to CD recently purely as like Mike the group sessions wasnt for me and seemes a waste.

Go for it
My husband did LL with me but as men lose weight faster he has finished abstinence now and is on management. He lost 3 and a half stone in weight and enjoyed the dual dieting! He is now thinner than his twin brother, feels a lot healthier and off one set of blood pressure tablets. It`s a pity more men don`t try it. Apparently most men think they have `cracked` it and don`t do management- but of course they haven`t.