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how many stones?

i've got 9 stone left and am hoping to be done by february


Serial Dieter!
I have 4 stone and 5lb left to lose.... I will be done by Christmas!
ive got five stone left and want to be done by feb at latest (with a hol in between and offplan for a couple of days xmas if poss) !
I have 3 stone to go maximum and would like to be there by Christmas definitely.

The great thing about CD is that we will all reach our goals quickly, even people with a lot to lose will soon be slimm quickly. I've been on this forum since May and the people who haven't messed about are all getting really thin even if they had loads to lose.

Good luck to everyone. x


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I have 2 stone 2lbs to loose - and I hope this will be done by early October. By then end of September I want to be going up the plans!
I started with 7 stones to lose, am half way there now and want to be finished by christmas if at all possible. Fingers crossed for everyone!
Hi I had 11 stone to lose, 4 gone :D and 7 stone to go.

Hope to be there around end Feb 2010.;)

Jane xxx
Hi all, I had 8 stone to lose, I now have only 4.8 stone to go. I hope to achieve this by Feb 2010. I could get it done for the end of December but due to a medical condition and averaging out the weight I have lost so far Feb seems fair. Not too long :gimi:


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I had a total of just under 7 stones to get to my current target, I have lost 5 since Easter so have 2 stone to go. I am hoping that will be more like 1.5 after I get weighed tomorrow. I hope to be fully finished after working up the plans by October which will be 6 months start to finish.
I have 6 Stones to lose and i hope to be done by January'ish.

Athough iv never lost more than 1.5 stone so atcually weighing 10 n half stone will be weird and i cant imagine it! but im goin to give it ago!

I start Wednesday x:)
I've got about 5 stone to go and I would love to be working my way up the plans by christmas.
I always like to give myself a target!;)


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi - I've got 6st 2lb to lose. Starting today (first time CD dieter) and hoping to be done by June 2010, although I have been told February is possible if I stick to it. Now wouldn't that be something eh?!!!
3 stone to lose but maybe 4 depending on time and how I feel when I get there. My lightest ever was 9st 11lbs and now I want to be 9st. If I'm not happy when I get there I'm going to try for 8 - 8 1/2 stone.
Then I'll actually be delighted to tell everyone my weight. Even if they don't ask!
I would like to lose 3st 9lb, would love to be there by xmas but have a 2 week holiday in Mexico in November. I would like to Start 2010 as my ideal weight. I start CD a week on Tuesday and i'm really looking forward to it. I wish everyone all the luck on reaching there goals!!!
I had 8st to lose, lost 4 already to get to my initial goal.Would like to get there by Christmas if not before, then lose another 7lbs. I too wish everyone all the best, WE CAN DO THIS!!!! xxxx

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