How many syns in morrisons toasted red pepper soup plz

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by tammyvarley, 15 January 2014.

  1. tammyvarley

    tammyvarley Member

    [h=2]How many syns in morrisons toasted red pepper soup plz[/h]
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  2. Samantha26

    Samantha26 Well-Known Member

    There's loads of variations online, is it red pepper mixed with something else ?
  3. tammyvarley

    tammyvarley Member

    It's just roasted red pepper morrisons brand
  4. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Well-Known Member

    Cant find it online. There are other tomatoe based ones on there, the 600g pots and they are 13-13.5 syns each.
  5. tammyvarley

    tammyvarley Member

    It's the tinned ones
  6. I googled it. It came up on loads of different websites as being 135 calories for half a tin, so 270 calories for a whole tin.

    I think soups don't have a free food allowance, so that would be 13.5 syns for the whole tin (1 syn=20 calories)
  7. tammyvarley

    tammyvarley Member

    That sounds about right calories wise I thought might av been a lot less never mind thanx

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