How many syns?


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Hi all , hope all is going good for you all with the plans esp with all this bad weather we're having it makes things so much harder dosent it?

I made a nice warming chilli today so that was good i feel nice and full from my lunch now :) long may it last lol

Just a quick question really i weigh 17 st and am currently following the EE plan in a bid to get back on track at sw lol, just wondered how many syns you guys have and how you find it effects your weight loss? I have been told to have between 5 and 15, tbh i always go over 10 although i try not too, i just wondered if maybe i could go to 15 esp at the weekend just dont know if that would be too many, i know we can have them just wondered if having less would be better for my losses. Just that esp on a staurday i fancy a choccie in fron of tv and a nice hot choc too would be good :) hehehe. Do any of you have more syns at the weekend and how do you find it ?


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I always use more at weekend but everyone is differant .
you will need to trial and error my mate can can 15 every day no bother and still has 3-4lbs losses I get a pound :( but she eats loads of fruit takes me all my time to eat a banana


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S: 13st0lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 1st11lb(13.74%)
oh and shes now a skinny size 10 almost at target


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I have just been out for a walk and could do with a bowl of that chilli.

I follow red days mainly and have 10 syns a day, but sometimes if I fancy something extra nice I will go up to 15 without any worry at all. :D

I'm sure you could work in a hot chocolate and a bar of choc into your plan. If you use the milk for hot choc as part of your Hea it will be hardly any syns at all :D

Go on enjoy


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I have a lot of weight to lose, so I use all my syns.


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use all your syns, why not?

15 max are there to be used. As long as you are 100% on plan with everything else, there is no reason to deprive yourself. Especially if you have a lot to lose (like I have). As once you get down to the last bit of weight, that is likely when you will need to cut back on syns a little. If you cut back on them too early, you have nothing to adjust later on.


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I tend to have between 9 and 15, but usually about 10. This is only because I tend to save them for evening munchies and often I am still full from eating all my free food and superfree fruit that I find I would just be eating them for the sake of it. I wouldn't hesitate to use 15 if I wanted to though :)


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I have always used 15. Sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more. It didn't hamper my weight loss.
At the moment I am doing a little more most days as I am at target and I know that I should be upping my HEXs to maintain but some days I can't even manage the 2 let alone more.
I will see how my WI goes this week. We were snowed in last week so it'll be 2 weeks since weigh in and I'll be able to adjust syns accordingly.