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How many Syns?

Have tended to keep for weekends, mainly for booze I'm afraid to say.. Have had a few busy 1s. Has been working okay, but think may catch up on me this week with star week also.
Guess you just have to suss out what works for you and your lifestyle.


Is so very nearly there!
I stick to around 15........ I have another 3 stone to lose tho.x
You guys are so good, sticking to syns every day and not having alcohol - whats the secret???
Good, its not just me then....
I tend to have 14/15 a day I think. I want to lose the weight quickly but I need to be realistic and I really need those syns to keep the diet realistic for the long haul. They say you can have 15 so why not eh?? Also it gives you somewhere to go to as you get slimmer if things start getting harder nearer your goal weight.
15's a good number I reckon. I was able to have a bar of fruit and nut yesterday which was DIVINE! lol



I ate my willpower!
My SW leader said when I joined that you should never go below 5 syns a day and you should aim for anywhere between 10-15. She said the reason not to go below 5 syns, is because everyone has a plateau where they stick at the same weight for a few weeks. If you are only having, say 3 syns a day, there is nothing to take away to boost your weightloss. But if you were having, say 15 syns a day, you could drop to 10 and that would boost your weightloss. It seems to make sense!

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