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How much do you spend on you SW shop?


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On average, how much do you think you spend on SW food for the week. I know its probably hard to work out cause buying for the rest of the family etc. We don't spend much on our shops (3 of us and prob spend about £40 per week) and I know that if I start throwing extra stuff for me in that the cost will obviously go up so I tend to make do with the boring the basic which can become a bit boring really!
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My bill comes to about £100 but I do feed 3 adults and 4 kids! ( I look after my twin nephews 4 days a week and my dad comes to give me a hand. It costs a fortune in fruit and vegetables as all four kids love them - cant wait until summer when the should be a lot cheaper.

I have done WW in the past but I find that it is a lot cheaper for me to follow the sw diet1


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I don't really buy anything special for me, our shopping is all SW friendly, it's our way of life!!
The meals are family friendly and the only things I buy SW are fry light and splenda.
I guess I spend £40-50 a week on the 3 of us and that includes wine!!!


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I went last night and to feed 2 adults and 2 kids, I spent £80... but I can go to the supermarket a couple of times a week as well as ordering from Joe's etc ...and it doesn't include my wine ... :cry:
Maybe I need to cut down a bit...:eek::eek:


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My shopping is normally about £50-£60 for 3 of us from Tesco home delivery, I went to Morrisons last week to prepare for SW and spent more than £100 and had to top up, but I hadn't been near a supermarket in weeks so it was a treat and I went a bit mad I think.

I did the list from the SW magazine on Tesco online and the fruit and veg they recommended alone cost £57 I was slightly shocked to say the least. Luckily I don't like most of the fruit and veg so it's usually a bit cheaper lol.


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I probably spend about £30 a week on just me - i've been eating tons of fresh fruit.


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I spend £40 most weeks on me and my Partner when we are both doing slimming world - when not I can get away with just around £30.


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What's an SW shop? This is my lifestyle now and all I can really say is I now spend a lot less on my trolly full of healthy food than I used to spend on junk food!


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My grocery bills were higher the first few weeks of doing SW but now they are about £40-£50 (for my hubby and me) but that includes a bottle of wine. Buying fruit and veg can be expensive but we don't buy junk food now so one cancels the other out.


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I must be going wrong somewhere as my shopping comes to £100-£130 a week! 2 adults, 1 teen, and 2 babies (Both in nappies)
nappies are expensive! So are teenagers! Have you looked at reusable nappies?


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When my brother left home my mums shopping bill dropped drastically! It's amazing how much a teenager munches through!


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£100 per week on average for our household. Includes lots of healthy food but hubby and 2 teenagers are not on SW as such so I get pizza, crisps, cakes and biscuits for them.

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