How much do you want to lose - a bit of fun!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by RuthG, 4 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. RuthG

    RuthG Gold Member

    1 pound = a Guinea Pig
    1.5 pounds = a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts
    2 pounds = a rack of baby back ribs
    3 pounds = an average human brain
    4 pounds = an ostrich egg
    5 pounds = a Chihuahua
    6 pounds = a human’s skin
    7.5 pounds = an average newborn
    8 pounds = a human head
    10 pounds= chemical additives an American consumes each year
    11 pounds = an average housecat
    12 pounds = a Bald Eagle
    15 pounds = 10 dozen large eggs
    16 pounds = a sperm whale’s brain
    20 pounds = a car tyre
    23 pounds = amount of pizza an average American eats in a year
    24 pounds = a 3-gallon tub of super premium ice cream
    25 pounds = an average 2 year old
    30 pounds = amount of cheese an average American eats in a year
    33 pounds = a cinder block
    36 pounds = a mid-size microwave
    40 pounds = a 5-gallon bottle of water or an average human leg
    44 pounds = an elephant’s heart
    50 pounds = a small bale of hay
    55 pounds = a 5000 BTU air conditioner
    60 pounds = an elephant’s penis (yep, weights more than his heart!)
    66 pounds = fats and oils an average American eats in a year
    70 pounds = an Irish Setter
    77 pounds = a gold brick
    80 pounds = the World’s Largest Ball of Tape
    90 pounds = a newborn calf
    100 pounds = a 2 month old horse
    111 pounds = red meat an average American eats in a year
    117 pounds = an average fashion model (and she’s 5’11”)
    118 pounds = the complete Encyclopedia Britannica
    120 pounds = amount of trash you throw away in a month
    130 pounds = a newborn giraffe
    138 pounds = potatoes an average American eats in a year
    140 pounds = refined sugar an average American eats in a year
    144 pounds = an average adult woman (and she’s 5’4”)
    150 pounds = the complete Oxford English Dictionary
    187 pounds = an average adult man
    200 pounds = 2 Bloodhounds
    235 pounds = Arnold Schwarzenegger
    300 pounds = an average football lineman
    400 pounds = a Welsh pony

    I need to lose an elephants penis and an average human brain so I can start my fertility treartment.....
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  3. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    i certainly feel better for loosing that bale of hay!!!
  4. Achelois

    Achelois Full Member

    Love it, but the idea of losing a whole human leg is a bit scary!

    A x
  5. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    LMAO Ruth, this is fab!

    Well I have already lost an elephants penis, so I now need to loose an elephants heart!!! Bloody elephants! ROFL!!!

    Hugs x x x
  6. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    I need to lose a mid sized microwave and eat a guinea pig!
  7. Pheonix-Rising

    Pheonix-Rising Full Member

    Oh! Fab....I need to lose a small calf and an ostrich egg!! Love it! (I may turn that into a mantra lol)
  8. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    Seems i need to lose a newborn calf and a bald eagle. Not too sure if im pleased about this or not! Next time i see my CDC im going to tell him this to see what he says :D (so long as i dont mention the elephants penis i should be fine!)
  9. parisbeach

    parisbeach Silver Member

    I have already lost a gold brick
    need to lose the amount of pizza an average American eats in a year to start fertility. then to get around ideal weight a 5-gallon bottle of water or an average human leg

    so overall total would be the amount of refined sugar an average American eats in a year
  10. Thelma

    Thelma Silver Member

    I'd like to lose a human head and skin before going on holiday to Australia in 3 weeks. What a fright I'll give the airport staff when a headless fleshy skeleton walks in!
  11. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Ive lost a newborn calf...awwwww

    *likes calfs*
  12. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    I'd like to lose an Irish Setter, please. :eek:
  13. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    I'd like to lose a mid-sized microwave please!
  14. Ani*me

    Ani*me Full Member

    hehe this made me lauf so much :D im glad i lost all those...chemical additives an American consumes each year.... LOL :D

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