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how much exercise do you do?

ok. i was at the showjumping last night (probably mans equivalent of going to the football) and i did partake in the ritual of some chips n curry sauce ahh! so i,m going to the gym to work my bootie off! just wondered how many of us and:whacky068: wot exercise we do and whether we have a bigger lose the more u do? last week i did gym & swim 3times ?
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Go on smile! =)
I do 60 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. When the pool reopens in april i hope to mix some swimming into that.
I go to the gym 3 times a week.
Pilates once a week.
Badminton once a week.
Plus swimming once or twice.

If I dont exercise now I dont know what to do with myself! Oh plus I have a rowing machine at home that I use when it's not too cold outside (coz its out on the patio)

Claire x
i go for a briskish walk for 35-40 mins 5-7 days a week. It's really the bare minimum but I really hate exercise
Don't know if i should admit this but none at the moment!!!:hide:

I do have a reason for this and it goes like this having managed to lose at lot of weight before i know its easy to lose alot quickly with little effort , the more you exercise the more you have to do to get results so after my inital loss i'll work up to it gradually.
I don't do anywhere near enough :sigh:!
On a good week, I might go on the Wii Fit a couple of times, and maybe go for a walk.
On a bad week, I don't do anything (this week is one of those weeks :().

I bought the EA Sports Active thingy for the Wii a couple of weeks ago, so I'm hoping to get my act together soon and try that...
I dont do any exercise really but I know I should as I believe the weight will come off quicker! My problem is I have a bad scar on my leg left from cellulitis and an ulcer which becomes very painful when I have stood/walked for more than 10-15 minutes. The only exercise that wouldnt put pressure on really is swimming and I am too embarrassed about body/leg to go to public baths - viscious circle!!!


Go on smile! =)
Pretty sure it doesn't im affraid :)
well i joined the gym in oct and looking at my progam i have been 27 times and i normally hate exercise! but i,m getting a wee buzz from it today coz i ate chips last night i pushed hard n felt great afterwards roasting shower, got out to mist call from BF n called him back n he asked if i wanted to go to pizza hut 4 lunch(slap) thanks but NO i said. he could do wi going to gym too..lol
notebook lol just saw this. if running out of stuff was exercise i wouldnt be this size.lol not be 2 gym as much this week did 2 500 calorie lose workouts and did an aquacise class on friday it was a hoot! swam 6 lenghs b4 then 45mins non-stop class. also using the floaty things under water which is like lifting weights goodbye bingo wings!! i hate to admit it but it does help wi weight lose and lifts ur mood!

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