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How much Fat do you actually lose?....

Big H

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I was just thinking, if you lost 14 pounds in your 1st week on CD, how much of that would actually be fat? Obviously a few pounds will be because you have no food inside you, unlike when you weighed yourself at the beginning of the week, and there must be a fair bit of weight loss that is actually Glycogen.

What do you reckon?
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I'd say....
Maybe 80% water / glycogen 20% fat??

In the first week you are still burning your glycogen / carb stores so less fat lost, so maybe out of 14lb around the 3lb mark?
That sounds stingy doesn't it?
Thing is the more people cut down on carbs before starting the less they seem to lose first week as they have less stores to burn first so maybe it is near as damn it!

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Big H

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That sucks Tilly :D


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It really does depend though. How much glycogen you were holding in the first place. How high carb you were eating before the diet.

Glycogen/water loss in the first week is anything from 3lb to about 15lbs.

Also you can lose a little lean mass (necessary) and again that would depend. The more you have to lose, the more fat will go and the less lean.

Having said all this :p In fat, I reckon it would be at least 3.5 to 4lbs minimins Big H for your first week

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