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How much water do you drink a day? and do you think it help's?

Lost 1/2lb last week and stayed the same this week :cry:
Talking to the consultant she seems to think i dont drink enough, i know i dont really as i probley only have 3 drinks (tea) a day at the most. so my aim this week is to try and drink as much water as i can comfortably manage,

A good start today as ive had at least 1.5 ltrs of water plus 2 cups of tea. been running to :tear_drop:p:tear_drop: every 3/4hr so i suppose its good excersize if nothing else :) had nothing to drink since 7.30 or else ill be in n out of bed all night :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

I know water's good for you, but do you think it helps you to lose weight?

How much do you drink a day?
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I try to have 2 ltrs a day and sometimes more. I don't have tea or coffee so its mainly squash and water for me, occasionally will have some fizzy (diet). I do feel better when I drink enough.
i take a 1.5 l bottle of water into work each day now, seems to help.
I tend to drink Pepsi Max and Black coffees aswell but i think 1.5l of water a day is sufficient enough
I have at least 3 750ml bottle of water a day and that doesn't include coke zeros and peppermint teas/coffee.


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I have been drinking about 1 litre water I really need to start drinking more..but ive still lost 1 st 2 lbs in 6 weeks so i dont think its affected me too much :)
Yeah sorry. I drink between 1 and 2 liters a day. One is easy. Getting the full two in is harder. But I drink A LOT of other liquid throughout the day.
I drink 4 or 5 pint glasses of water a day (not sure what that is in litres?) plus herbal teas and occasional diet cokes. I've always drunk lots of fluids though so it's just been a case of changing the drink as opposed to the quantity! :) xx
I find I can go ages without a drink so I have to make myself remember, what I do now is fill a 2 litre bottle with squash and use that to drink throught the day when it's gone I know I've drunk enough, tea and diet coke on top is just a bonus!
I'm bad at drinking water but drink lots of fizzy diet drinks, I feel they fill me up a lot more so if I want something bad I try and have a glass of fizz first ( doesn't always work lol) x
When I did the cambridge diet, I was drinking at least 2 litres of sparkling water (can't do still! yuck) at my desk on top of lots of black coffees.

I found it a major pain in the butt tho - i was constantly running to the loo. It was getting in the way of stuff... I even had to go in the dunes once when i was out walking the dog!!

I certainly don't drink enough water and I honestly think it helps. I'm going to make a point of drinking more this week.
Well, again so far today ive drunk my 1.5ltr of water and only had 1 cup of tea. Im finding it hard to drink it today so added some sugar free cordial to help it go down better. Was ment to go shopping after work but had to pop back for yet another P, even had to get out of bed at 3.30 this morning to go.......will have a coffee now and a couple of glasses of diet pepsi later and then give it a rest, hopefully no getting up in the night.
I have a 1.5ltr bottle at work that I top up with water and NAS every day. So I drink that at work, normally have approximaely 6 cups of tea a day and have a pint of NAS throughout the evening time.

Personally I dont think it helps my weight loss. Just makes me less hungry!
Whenever Im trying to lose wight I try to drink 2 litres of pure water a day. I find not only does it help with the weight loss but I feel less tired, my skin feels better and apart from running to the loo every 20 mins I feel much better in myself! I do find water a bit hard to drink sometimes so (this might sound weird!) I always use an old water bottle to refill and drink it from there rather than a glass. I find it goes down a lot quicker and easier that way!!! x
About 2l a day but not just of water combinded water,tea,diet fizzy juice
urbancookie said:
Sarah-Jane, thick of me i know but what's NAS?
Will be no added sugar squash :)
I drink at least 3 750ml bottles (1 before breakfast, 1 all morning, 1 afternoon), another 1 if going to the gym, then I have a can of diet coke/pepsi max in the afternoon and/or evening and no added sugar squash in evening. So I drink a lot! And I need the toilet constantly lol but I definately feel it is helping especially on gym days!
I aim to drink 2 litres per day. I have a pint as soon as I get up and then a pint with each meal, which gets me there if I drink it all.

I think it definitely helps my weight loss, plus my skin is clearer and I just feel better for drinking it.

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