How much weight did you lose before.....


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Hi claire, i would say about 3 stone,that's what it was for me, when people started to notice,i lost a total of 7 stone!
Good luck Y x
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Anthony Smith

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Probably 2 stone, doesnt really show at first and i got quite upset when i didnt see my body change shape, even tho the clothes were now baggy,

then all of a sudden it hits you and your like WOW

just stick it out, its soo worth the results

Good Luck !!



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2-3 stone for me too x


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About the same as others here. I started CD last August at about 14:2 and people commented at about 11:7
It doesn't take long to lose the weight on this diet, so the noticeable differences arrive soon!


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I've actually already started noticing the difference, but that's probably because my pants are fitting a bit looser now and my BF is giving me all sorts of complimentary comments. But I image it'll hit me like everyone else around 2-3 stone.


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I can't wait. I need to go into those shops and buy loads of stuff. Ooh, it's so exciting xx


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I'm not noticing anything about my weight, but then I've only lost 7lbs (3lbs while on Cambridge) but my skin is really really soft :eek:.

I can't wait to go shopping either. I'm going to have a complete image change me things.

I'm going to save a little odd £5 here and there so when I reach goal I can treat myself.


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for me its only just now i would say, i started at 15,4 and im now (today) 11,2. so over 4 stone, but i did loose it on and off so maybe didnt notice as much. I hate all the lumps and bumps so wont be happy until they have gone! lol! x


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Wow Lottie, what a great loss. I'd be made up, bet you are so proud of yourself :D

NumNums, thats a great idea. I'm going to do that. Put away a few quid a week and then splurge when the time is right xx


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I have started at 13.12 and only after losing stone and a half ppl started commenting. Of course I had few remarks just when I started - which was nice and kept me going but not untli now have I had a confidence to start showing off LOL
I am slowly changing my wardrobe and love the idea that I can in fact wear dresses and some old pair of jeans (which I couldn't fit into for far too long)


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when I did it before I did it for 2 weeks without my mother in law noticing even though I saw her regularly (really thought someone would notice that quickly!!)..... I would say about 1.5 to 2 stone cos i went from a size 18 to a big 14 so I started wearing better fitting clothes...... can't wait to fit back into my size 14's!! :sigh:


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People started noticing after i lost about 1.5 stone but i never really noticed until about another half stone although felt much less bloated (started at 14.12 and finished short of target at 11.8:mad:). Back now to lose a few christmas squatters and to get to 11st this time.

It is a great feeling and it takes a while for your brain to catch up with what your eyes are seeing. LOL!

maxine uk

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well im still looking at a bigger fatter me (when i do look in a mirror that is) but i know ive lost weight because i have nothing that fits me now i was a size 28 now 18/20 depends on what it is. ive been getting a few bits from charity shops, or adding elastic to thinga i already have...but i know soon i will need to go shopping,
im weighing in on monday and need 1/2lb for 4stones 7lb lose so far ;)
good l;uck on your journey :)


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So I reckon another 7lb then, my unofficial weigh in tells me I've lost a stone now. I can't wait for people to notice :D:D


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I think people started noticing around a stone and a half.


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I don't think it was till 30 lbs were off that people felt comfortable enough to comment about it. Then there was a period of continous remarks and then a period of looooooong silence till now when they're on and on daily asking when I'll stop.

As for when YOU will notice that's a different thing for everyone. Some days you won't believe you lost what you did, others you will feel nothing changed and that's when you'll need this forum and the ticker and the new clothes to remind you.


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MissAma - what an amazing amount of weight to lose. Your will power must be steadfast. I'm sorry to read about your complications and I hope you are well AND slim now :D