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i am exactly the same as you . I wish i was thin last week let alone yesterday . I am so deperessed with anxiety and stressed that im trying so hard to loose weight . I go to the gym at least 4/5 days a week for 2 1/2 hours each day and just eat sensibly and i just want to be thin NOW ... its just sooo upsetting when u want something so bad and its not happenning as you want it .


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I think a lot of us are like this! It's natural to want to see the results quickly, but we all have to remember that miracles don't happen and it WILL take time! You didn't put the weight on overnight, it probably crept up on you over time, so the same must happen the other way around! The way I try and look at it is that time flies by so quickly- think in terms of Christmas coming around (again), not having time to catch up with friends ("where does the time go?!") etc etc and apply it to weight loss! A year seems a long time but it flies by so quickly- imagine losing just 1lb a week over a year (slow but steady)- you'd lose 52 lb- that's nearly 4 stone!! I'd rather be the tortoise in the race than one of these people who loses a few stone really quickly by starving myself and doing intense exercise then puts it all back on again because I couldn't sustain the lifestyle!! Good luck, be patient, stick to the plan and you will start seeing the results before you know it!!x


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Fantastic words (as ever) from Heather.

As she says, time does go quicker than we realise. It is already nearly a month since Christmas.

I DO understand how you feel as I have times when I feel like that - and those are the most dangerous times for me as it makes me want to binge!

Hang on in there and you'll have lost it before you know it xx


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I agree hang in there. Also remember that SW should be for life, not just to lose the weight and go back to old eating habits.
So while you are getting used to eating healthier foods you will loose too.
Good can get there!


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When you have a larger amount to lose it can be a bit overwhelming thinking about how long it will take so try and focus on smaller goals, maybe losing 7lb or 1 stone, or dropping a dress size. These are short-term goals and will keep you motivated as you move towards your final goal. Give yourself non-food rewards as you achieve each goal as an added incentive.


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Very good advice from all the ladies above and just stressing the importance of setting mini goals and learning to change your eating habits and keep it off for good. I also am really desperate to reach my target (don't know yet what it will be, but hoping around the 8.5-9 stone range), but realize I need to have patience and just celebrate the mini victories I have achieved so far.


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The faster you lose it, the faster it goes back on! Just remember, any loss is a good loss, and giving up is not the cure. The longer you stay off track, the longer it will take to lose it!

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Some very sound advice as always on here.
I think its important to have the smaller goals. I know in my case when I first started my journey I couldnt even imagine loosing 11 and a half stone and it would depress me to think about it....but now 7 stones lighter, I can see the end, whether it takes 1 year or 2 years plus, I dont care..I have come so far and any weight lost is less strain on my body and around my heart!


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I'm so impatient I want to lose weight quick and want to see results like yesterday. I wish I wasn't like this as then I end up getting fed up and giving up. If only it was that quick and easy.

I'm just like you, I wanted to be slim a.s.a.p. so I embarked on a VLCD and lost 4 stone, I then reverted back to SW and have been maintaining using the SW plan for 7 months :D

Sorry to throw a spanner in the works but I disagree with the quote the quicker you lose the weight the quicker you put it back on - the trick is to eat appropriately once you've reached your target weight, if you revert back to your old habits you will regain the weight. SW is an excellent plan as you can follow it for life x