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    so ive just decided to join slimming world yesterday (online version) im a busy 30 yr old with a hectic lifestyle which over about 10 years my weights krept up to 190lbs now, i always was a very happy size 12, and im now a 16. i know thats not huge, but im small, and ive also got a stocky physique , and crazy life.

    I "was" a professional horse rider, and now my work has diversified into mine and my hubbys own company i now ride for pleasure.... problem is when i was working many horses 7 days a week, i ate what i wanted . now i ride for pleasure, i dont stop all day at work, and then have my horses to muck out, dogs to walk etc .... but this has caused me and teh hubby to eat on the go during the day ... and because at 8pm at night we are dying of hunger we EAT .....!

    not good i know,

    last year i did atkins and i stuck to it like made, i lost 1 1/2st in 2 weeks, then we went on holiday to ...... the USA! and as you can imagine no one visits america on a diet. so it stopped,

    so slimming world here i come .

    i want to be a size 12 again, about thats about 11st for me

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