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howdy howdy lol



Eloquent hooligan
Well hello young lady :)

Delightful ta :D Had a lovely salmon fillet salad... credit crunch ? Pah.

This really is an easy diet for me.. I could live like it forever... steak, fish, prawns, fresh salads... etc what's not to like ? :D

The only thing I REALLY miss is chocolate... I had 2 CS bars yesterday coz they were in the house :eek:
eww i have three here and cant look at them lol i like this too i must admit, i had smoked haddock and salad tonight but i wasnt too fussed, i love the look of salmon but ive never tried it... watch this space!

you havent cheated at all though you are doing brilliant! one up to the lads lol are you planning to maintain with this too? you haven't much to lose now have you?


Eloquent hooligan
I'm going to lose as much as it takes for you to see me naked ;)

Failing that I'll be happy getting down to 11 & a half stone ish... when I left LT I was 11st 10lb or summat... my BMI says something daft like 10 & half stone for my height but doesn't take into account massive arms, chest, shoulders (& currently stomach & arse :eek: )
lol.. i know what you mean my perfect bmi is between 8st 8lb and 10st 10lb, now id be happy with the latter the former i think i would just look ill. you know yourself when you are happy and healthy!

we are the same height, is a womens bmi lower than a mans? i shoulda been blonde eh, never ask me to a pub quiz lol


Eloquent hooligan
Good question missy ! The BMI sites like this un still says I am overweight even though it does ask for age & sex

Healthy weight bmi calculator

i got 28.1 on that which is overweight!! shock shock horror lol not! couldnt work out how to copy it to here though! it asked me age and sex though.
and come to think on it, i had high bp in my last pregnancy and my heart was always racing and they couldnt work out why, i ended up on bp tablets and had ECG's done and they put it down to anxiety and stress
ahh sorry i thought you said it didnt ask for age and sex duh!

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