HRT Premarin - Do you know where this HRT comes from?


A fairly common HRT is called Premarin - this stands for Pregnant Mare Urine.

Yes this hormone is made from the urine of pregnant mares kept in horrendously cruel conditions.

Mares are confined to stalls unable to lie down or turn around, often they can't even turn to scratch themselves. They are either permanently catheterised or have collection bags strapped to their vulvas, causing nasty sores.

Mares are pregnant for 11 months, after the foal is born they come into season within a week, are put back in foal and are back on the production line. The foals, tens of thousands of them are born every year, are a by product and are either fattened up for slaughter or slaughtered straight away - often ending up in continental salamis.

If the mare does not get in foal straight away, she is slaughtered and replaced.

If this wasn’t enough they also have problems with their feet from standing in the own waste for months.

Oh and not forgetting being depraved of water to concentrate the urine.

Don't believe me? Or want to know more?

Look at these videos but warning contains graphic images.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are taking Premarin (it has lots of different brand names) please ask your GP for an alternative. Lots of CRUELTY FREE alternatives are available. PLEASE don't look away. Do something about it TODAY.
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which country is this drug produced?????


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think its available in lots of countries. don't know where its produced..sorry