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hug abd advice

hi everyone,

its 2am and i can't sleep....im to depressed.....:lost:

I restarted LL in april and so far have lost 2st.:party0038: its being really hard but ive done it.
ive still got 2st 2lb to loose.

ive being really silly over the weekend and came of the diet...:booboo:. i can't even remember why and i'm finding it hard to get back on track.:needhug:

well i going to try my hardest to restart trm morming..

Although ive lost 2st i can't see the difference in my body shape.... so many poeple have noticed my weight loss and ive gone down in clothes sizes.but everytime i look in the mirror i hate what i see and see no the weight loss.
Anyone else being through this??? any tips or advice would help

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Hi there hun,

It is hard when you have fallen off the wagon. But you need to remind yourself what your goal was. Why you wanted to do this in the first place. And visualise your goal I know its hard but you need to try and see yourself as you would like to be.

2st is a great loss and you are half way there.
Make yourself small goals one day or indeed one hour at a time.

Hang in there. I can feel your pain on the not sleeping thing I had the same last night.


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Hi cyber_girl
It took me quite some time for my brain to catch up with my body, I lost 4 stone and it was a while before I realised I wasn't fat any more. Even buying size 10-12 clothes didn't help, it is in your mind and it does take time but you will get there.
Please try your hardest to get yourself back on track it is so worth it.
I feel more critical about my body now than i did when I was seriously overweight! I think this is because when I was massive i didnt dwell on it / blanked it out etc. Whereas now although i know i look a hell of a lot better now that i am actually paying my body some attention I can now actually honestly focus on what else needs doing. Im finding it stange but quite enlightening, I reckon for far too long i accepted/settled for my body now i am being honest and critical which is what i reckon thin people do. Hope this makes sense. Listen to the compliments but be aware of what work you need to do to keep going.
PS updating my ticker!

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