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Hungry all the time.

oooh I wish I knew the answer to that one! before I was pregnant I was happy to be on a vlcd or a variation of atkins, protein and veg, but since being preggars I can't get enough carbs, I have never eaten so much rice pudding, buttered toast and cereal...as soon as I have eaten breakfast I want my next meal! oh yes and hoola hoops and bread and marmite...have uppedprotein a bit when have have had the odd craving, but still have little interest in veg or fruit (which I used to love)....I do try to have my at least some fruit at lunch time and some meat and veg at night, but quite honestly I have to push myself to do it...if I knew I could get away with muffins chocolate and rice pudding I would!! I know this doesn't help at all! but I hope this gives you the heads up that your tastes may change due to a bubs inside


Getting thinner everyday!
I'm the same. Hence me needing to lose a fair bit after my last pregnancy.

I have eaten loads today and am really hungry agian now. And it is carbs I need which really pile it on for me.

I have a tub full of seeds which I've been nibbling on during the day. that seems to help a bit.



Wants to be a yummy mummy
Maybe it's a phase people go through at this time? I've just had 2 weeks of being really really hungry a lot of the time - I'd get up because I was awake in the night and my tummy would be rumbling to the point where I'd have 2 pieces of toast and marmite, an apple and a fromage frais!

In terms of snacks, I've tended to go for things like a drink first up to see if I was really thirsty, then some fruit and, if I'm still hungry something more substantial like pitta and houmous or something!

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