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Hydracoach intelligent water bottle


Gone fishing
Ooooh, another gadget :D

Sharper Image : Water Bottles : Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

  • World's first "intelligent" water bottle "thinks while you drink" to achieve and maintain healthy hydration.
  • Calculates your body's hydration needs, tracks your water intake, and paces your consumption for optimal benefits.
  • Displays the amount and percentage of water consumed relative to your daily hydration goals.
  • LCD screen also shows time, date, fluid intake per hour and time elapsed.
  • Silicone mouthpiece is angled for easy sipping. Features ring for hooking on a carabiner clip. Holds 22 oz.
  • Runs on CR2032 button-cell battery (included).
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Unzipping the fat suit
aaahh so that's what I can get my water glugging husband for Christmas! he'll be delighted there's a CD compatible gadget out there!


Gone fishing
that's interesting! you going to buy one? let me know what you think, if you do
Nah..I wont buy one. I'm afraid I never managed to keep the water thing going. One glass a week if I'm feeling particularly holy:eek:


please try again
wow where do we buy em!


please try again
hmm shame its in america


Gone fishing
It has been known to turn up on ebay.co.uk.

Perhaps worth saving a search for it.


Gone fishing
oh karion .... tsk tsk re the water. It is so good for you and your skin, etc. - maybe I'll buy you one and scare you into seeing how dehydrated you are so you up your water intake ! :)
Haha. The BBC Truth About Food programme said it didn't help your skin :D So that was that :D

I'm not dehydrated though cos my scales say I'm not:p Do drink a lot of other drinks though.

Perhaps a little too much coffee at the moment though:eek:


Gone fishing
really doesn't help the skin huh. How did they test it? Do you have a link i could read? I believe it is the best and cheapest moisturiser there is. I would be interested to know more about the programme
It was a fab series. Covered loads of topics. Metabolism, low carb way of eating, vegetarians, sugar and hyper kids, the benefits of having soup to delay hunger :D

They repeated it not long ago so I guess it won't be on again for a while. I'll see if I can find a link though.


please try again
well have checked ebay and theres an international seller who has a couple for £12.13 with about £10 for postage
I've had one for a few months - they sell them in Debenhams.
Sorry Dawn, I can't remember - it was a while back.
Hmm, I know in Debenhams it cost less than £20, although I can't remember the exact amount. £24.95 seems a lot!

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