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Hypnodiet by Susan Hepburn


Intuitive Eater
It's a book and a relaxing hypnotherapy CD. It looks great! I'm currently listening to Glenn Harrold and Paul McKenna and am finding these gentle hypnotherapy CD's hugely beneficial not just with weight loss but motivation for exercise, a confidence boost and positive outlook.
Has anyone tried this yet? It's new and seems to have rave reviews. Very cheap on Amazon at the moment at £5.49 instead of £10.99! Susan Hepburn is a well known hypnotherapist practising in Harley Street and her most famous weight loss client is Lily Allen.

Janey xx
I bought the DVD without knowing it was a "Susan Hepburn" - not that it would have mattered since I hadn't heard of her then and also I couldn't get the files on to to my iPod.

A couple of days ago, I downloaded a podcast on hypnotherapy for dieting via the Independent Newspaper (UK) This was presumably a plug for the book plus CD that was published this month. The podcast gives a good idea of what the (non) diet is about and includes a short hypnotherapy session. It is all a bit rapid, but I found it helpful and energising. Later, I picked up my (unused) dvd and noticed it was by the same person.

Today, I walked into my local bookshop to see the book staring at me from a prime position. So I bought that. The premise is that we all know what to do to lose weight (eat healthy and exercise etc) but many of us have learned over time to eat for comfort, to relieve stress etc - not because we are hungry.

The hypnotherapy is rather like a guided meditation. It takes around 30 mins. You relax and listen - and you do it EVERY day till your body looks like your visualisation of how you want it to look.

Messages from the session include: Don't diet. Don't weigh yourself. Eat slowly and savour your food. Drink lots of water. Exercise.. etc. OK nothing new there - the difference is you actually feel like doing it - it doesn't feel difficult. Well that's my initial take on the Susan Hepburn program.

After just a couple of days, I will certainly be listening each day and looking forward to the change :) Personally, I will be listening in the morning and not at bedtime.... That's what I did last night. When the track finished, I was wide awake and full of energy. (it is 3.15 am and here I am)

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