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i can do it , i can do it, i can do it !!!!!!!!!

so here i am , trying to loose weight once again i am a typical yoyo dieter since having the kids (aged coming up 2 and 4 ) before kids my weight stayed between 8 1/2 and 9 1/2 stone then came pregnancy i must have eaten for england and put on 5 stone with my son:mad:
i lost 3 stone then got pregnant again and put another 4 stone on grrrrr:mad: my weight now is 15 stone i really want to loose this horrid 5 stone but oh my god its so hard !!!
i have picked up so many bad habbits and now im at home rather than work i seem to be picking at food throughout the day which is not good !
i have choosen the cd as im told it gives you fast results ( i always give up on other diets as 5 stone lost seems like an impossible task )
i start the cd tomorrow and im scared , scared i wont stick to it , scared im going to be fat forever . i have to admit i was pretty vain before kids but now i can hardly look in the mirror all my gorgeous slim clothes are still gathering dust in the boxes i packed them away in when i got pregnant..... god i sound like a misserable old bag dont i ?!

anyhow im going to update this everyday in the hope it will help me stick to this diet if anyone has any tips id love to hear them not only am i giving up food ive got to give up my belovede diet coke arrrrrh how am i going to manage to get past tomorrow let alone the week ?!

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Welcome to the world of Cambridge. It's not an easy diet but it does get easier and it does work. I'm on a restart (day2) but don't let that put you off either, I have messed about since Christmas so my restart is a new begining. Most people will say the first few day's are the worst and to be honest they are. The key is to drink plenty of water, keep a couple of paracetamol at the ready in case of a headache, this can be down to withdrawal from carbs. Yesterday was my first day and already I feel better than last night :)

You will get lots of support, hints and tips on here and well done for starting tomorrow. Good Luck :)
Hi x
Im doing a similiar diet to the Cambridge (VLCD) but just to say good luck aand stay strong, the first few days are the hardest.. but once your in ketosis it gets easier :D I love this site as everyone is so supportive. x


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Go hunni


I lost 5 stone in 13 weeks which is a blink of An eye!

I also pick all day and put 5 stone on pregnant lol xxxx

Good luck with this diet, im now on day 4 and finding really easy, i know i will probably struggle on the weekend, but at the mo feel relly good

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