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  1. puzzles

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    I am really upset about this.

    I did Cambridge oh, about ten years ago now, lost 5 stone. I've yo-yo'd but have never gone near the 14 and a half stone I once was. However, I struggle big time with maintenance (I am a binge eater.) Most years :eek: I've ended up doing a few weeks on Cambridge to keep the weight off.

    Last year I noticed that there was either something new in the Cambridge products or they took something out, I don't know, but they tasted horrible to me, I could barely force them down my neck. On the reccommendation of a friend I tried Exante. Stuck religiously to it for 2 weeks - lost 2lbs.

    I wasn't very good at being self-motivated so decided to try Lighter Life. I started on Feb 1 so I am now on day 10.

    I weighed in at 12'12 :)o) and I was weighed on Feb 4 for a motivator and had one - I had lost 5lbs. Great. Then on Feb 7th it was the group meeting, I'd lost a pound.

    I'm flagging tonight and weighed myself - I've GAINED a pound.

    How is that even possible on a week of less than 600 calories? I can't afford to stick on it indefinitely and nor do I want to. I really don't know what I should do. Have I ruined my metabolism?
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  3. X~Libby~X

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    How is your water intake? You may find that upping it helps as your body may think there's a water shortage and be retaining it. Something to try. I know personally on weeks that I am pants with water I have measly little losses and the weeks I push myself to drink more, I get really nice losses. Have a chat with your counsellor .

    Hope you figure it out

  4. puzzles

    puzzles Full Member

    Yep drinking loads of water. Counsellor just says if I stick at it I'll lose weight which isn't hugely reassuring as I'm obviously not!!
  5. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    I have on my Week 5 - gained 1 lb then lost it. Water retention (my body's awful for holding on to it - it's genetic) and non-expulsion of number 2's makes a difference. I was very constipated that week!

    As crude as that is - sometimes that's all it comes down to. Simple biology.

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