I feel like im not doing it right..


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I feel like im not following the plan properly and i certainly dont feel like im losing...I feel quite bloated, even though I havent really been eating alot of carbs

did anyone else feel like this in their first week


I stupidly left my lunch at home and Im having a green day, have no access to microwave, only hot water

any ideas??

thank you!! :D
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Hiya, i dont remember feeling like that in my first week, but its prob just your bodys way of adjusting to the diet, I dunno, someone more scientific will be able to answer you properly! and as a non green dayer I cant really help, can you nip to a cafe or stall thing for a jacket spud, or not? what bout going and buying one of those mug shots Ive heard people talk about? sorry, not much help x


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the bloated feeling will prob go away. I felt bloated but i lost weight. Sometimes when it is my * week i feel really bloated too. My consultant says that people who do green initially feel bloated then it goes away, also when i eat cereal bars i get really bloated. Why don't you give a red day a go and see how you get on.


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yea jacket spuds are a good idea, otherwise low faat chicken super noodles do a pot version if you can get your hands on them or mug shots. if all else fails buy some fruit and munch your way through that


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i got the supernoodles in the end
yummm xx