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I feel like such a Pig

I left my nice healthy stir fry at home by accident and im working till 11.

I had plans to eat some porridge for now and eat dinner when i get home..

But boredom and hunger got the better of me and Little Miss Porky went waddling over the chinese and got 6 sweet and sour chicken balls and ate everyone of them :break_diet:

Grrr feel so bad for myself.. :sigh:
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Bless ya darlin. Lost count over tge years how many times I've thought 'sod it'!! One slip doesn't matter! I've been on sw on and off for nearly 2 years but.., after blips and restarts i started again 2 weeks ago to get rid of the last stone out of 3! I'll have blips, blahs and bugger it's but I'll get there...., and so will you! Don't beat yourself up one tiny bit, tomorrow is a new day! Xxx
Hixmelon, I am a red day slimmer as well, with perhaps a couple of green days thrown in each week. Just keep going draw a line under your bad days, wake up with renewed determination, you will get there!
Thanks :) I feel like such a wally for leaving my food at home, I could of got something healthy but i think those hunger pangs control your legs and your mouth and you cant stop... Ok maybe it can but you know lol! x


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One blip can be overcome. Let's face it we will all have those days when we just want to eat what we want. The good thing with SW is you can. Work out the syns and write it down, take it into account with how you have the rest of your week. You know where you went wrong (forgetting to bring your dinner) so you can be extra sure from now on you won't leave the house without double checking you have your din dins. Try to stay on track for the rest of the week and it will be fine.
I excersize 7 times a week with weight training and trampolining so hopefully il burn it off! lol!! Im gonna trampoline for longer tomorrow !!

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