week 1 complete


just thought i’d make my own thread for my week 1 of cambridge

i started at 9.2stones and now i am 8.13.8
so a 2.2 drop or 3.2? mind my bad math

i’m on sole source
I am only having millshake, porridge & spicy couscous seven days a week and i have actually gotten really use to it. kinda look forward to eating lol not much hunger has been experienced but i guess i’m used to starving myself all day and then eating loads in the evenings so having a meal plan and times is nice.

The water intake has been most challenging but i’m working on it
my clinic has closed for my weekly weigh ins thanks to corona so il be doing that myself even though i do it everyday anyway and i hope it goes well i want to drop to 7 & a half stones so 7.7 is ideal

ordered some different packs this time soup don’t know how i’m going to feel about eating soup without bread ??? hopefully it’s nice i’m also really annoyed that you can’t get the strawberry shake i’m lactose free 😞 i really wanted that

feel free to talk to me i’m stuck at home lol how’s everyone’s diet going this is my first time trying a diet and i think it’s a good one because it’s stops you from having snacks here and there which sometimes you can eat a whole meal worth of snacks and no more chip shop 😪 kind of miss the taste of some chips with oh so sweet ketchup.
Hi Liyah - yes make your own thread and I'll see if I can subscribe to it so I know that you have posted and I can reply.
I am not sure about your figures there? I am saying it's a 3lb drop?
Do you know, out of the replacements, the spicy couscous is my least likeable, closely followed by Macaroni Cheese. However, you are into a routine and that really helps.
Keep drinking your water - as soon as you get up, pour the water and just drink it!
Anyway, I like the CD because like you say, it's black and white. No snacks (not even lemon in your water!)
Mmmm, chips.... lovely!