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I feel thin BUT look fat

yeh im the same too!!!every morning i feel tiny but then i look in the mirror thinking hmmm!!but guess what one day we will look tiny. just gotta be patient

It takes a while for your perception to adjust. I lose 5 stone quite a few years back now & didn't see it at all except for my clothes falling off me! Even then I'd try on size 18s in shops because that is what I thought I'd be & would end up going back 3 times for smaller clothes. Now I'm just wishing for that day!


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Hi Nessa,

If anything I am just the opposite - I look in the mirror and still see a fat person. I find it really difficult when I am clothes shopping as I firstly go the 16's when in actual fact I am now wearing 10/12's. It's only recently that I have adjusted to the change in size.

I'm sure you do look different - have you taken any photos for comparison?

Keep on drinking the water and sticking to the diet and I'm sure you will soon catch up with yourself:D
I have found the same thing, in April i was a size 30-32 ! now im wearing a size 18-20.. but the thing is that there a racks and racks of clothes all in my old size, some fantastic bargains to be had as well..

But there is nothing i would give to swap places,
good luck to everyone, you will all get there and wear the clothes you have always wanted too..



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yes sweetie, I am the same. I walk around the place feeling quite slender and feel great about it, and then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and :eek: all those lovely feelings disapear, I stick at it though hun. Another thing I do is regularly try on my previous size clothes and when they don't even fasten I think?? why not??? LOL

anyway, I aint looking in no mirror now!! or trying those clothes on til I am another 10lbs lighter at least!! :D

Mrs Roch

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I feel like that sometimes and I think the danger with that is you can think "I've done so well and feel so much better, I don't need to do this anymore"... I think the progress photos are such a good idea because it keeps you focused - although painful and disappointing at times, it's better knowing than not knowing and at the end of the day your weights going in the right direction - down and not up...

I know it's not quite the same but my dad was told, from smoking, he had fluid on the lung.. he gave up smoking straightaway for about 18 months and because he felt better he started again.. he's 63 now so don't think anything will make him stop now but how ridiculous is that... as if he'd been cured in 18 months - shame he can't see inside his body..

It's brilliant to notice the changes in how you're feeling, how clothes are feeling, how your skin feels and acknowledge people's reactions to you because we need all those things to keep us going because this diet isn't easy...
Hannah, you are so right. I have had days where I think Ive lost enough now, I look great. Yet Im still obese and really have to remind myself of that sometimes. yes I do look great - compared to how I was, but If I am honest with myself I need to lose at least another 4 stone to reach an acceptable weight.

I took some progress pics the other day (not brave enough to post yet) and can see I still have a very long way to go.


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Some days I feel thin, and fabulous but others (more often) I catch a glimpse and see all the fat thats left to lose and feel really low. I have about another 3 stone to lose, maybe more and its not great! My skin is pretty soft and well nourished now but its so saggy...

Never happy are we?? Mind you, rather this than the 7 stone of fat I was carrying around at the start of this year!
I have only lost 8lb in my first 3 weeks but feel like I've lost a lot more. I tried on some of my old clothes thinking that it would be great to wear them again but they don't even go over the tops of my legs.


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I have read that when you lose weight your skin take up to 12 months to catch up and shrink back in line with the weight loss. I think our mental perception of ourselves is the same - and takes our minds a while to catch up and be able to recognise and accept that we are getting slimmer by the week!!
when i was big i used to look in the mirror and see a size 12 staring back at me , now im a size 14 instead of a 20 and i still see the bigger sam looking back at me .

It does take a while for our minds to catch up with how we are looking , i guess in only notice by my clothes getting smaller .

Great feeling but mind set has to come soon .

Although today i feel bigger than ever , i know im not !!!
just my mind playing tricks on me .
yes sweetie, I am the same. I walk around the place feeling quite slender and feel great about it, and then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and :eek: all those lovely feelings disapear
So, so true!!!

I walk about with my head in the clouds... obviously I know my weights an issue but I've never been bullied, never been made to feel undervalued or anything by anyone, so I swan about thinking I'm the bees-knees lol, especially at functions or 'do's'... then after the event that I've felt so great for, I'll see the photos and I get this big sick feeling in me that 'oh my god is that how I really looked? That's why I'm sticking to this diet... I wanna be able to pass around photos of my sisters birthday party, or my nieces christening, to work colleagues and friends without having to sift through them first and remove all the horrible ones of me (often reducing a pack of 24 prints down to 10 or so!)....

I wonder why our brain plays these tricks on us? Maybe if we could see ourselves as being big and could get into the frame of mind psychologically that we had to lose the weight it would be easier to do so, but then why do thinner people think they're fat - such as bulimics and anorexics??

I don't think we'll ever understand the weird connections between our minds and food / dieting...

And I don't think anyone can understand these types of frustrations until they've had a life of dieting... Rosemary Conley, WW, Slimming World... as they say, 'been there, got the t-shirt'...

I have some old clothes I used to wear and think I looked huge in - my fav size 14 pretty short skirt from about 10 years ago - and I hold it up now and wouldn't be able to get one leg in it I don't think... I hope when this diet is finally done (and successful!!) each one of us can see the beautiful thinner person hiding away inside, come flourishing forward and be smiling back at us from all those mirrors we currently avoid...

Oooops, I'm rambling, tis late.... sorry! :eek:

tinks xx