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I gave in to stress


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We had a terrible time last night with our 14 year old which continues into this morning and indeed will take a lot of sorting out.

Anyway, I was so stressed this morning I ate a Raspberry Ruffle Bar :break_diet: Only 125 cals but that's not the point.

Even as I was opening it I was saying to myself "Don't do it, you've been so good. You don't even really want it." Then I shoved it in my mouth and ate it :eek:

There's no hope for me :(
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Morning Karen,

Dont beat yourself about it it! How much grams of fat was in it? Not too much I would imagine. Its too late now anyways, you munched it ;) Just remember how 'guilty' you are feeling now when you are tempted to reach for another one!

It could've been worse, it could've been a big snicker bar or mars bar or a big cake! :17729:*lol*
Look at this as a positive :p Hope you enjoyed it! Did you save me any crumbs :p

Hope everything works out ok with your 14 yr old :flowers:

Just a thought Karen, why dont you stock up on WW desserts for moments of 'stress'! They really are yummy!! So cheap too, £1 for 2 in the likes of Iceland ;)


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Oooo I'm going to Iceland later anyway so I'll have a look.

Hubby is at school now trying to prevent our 14 year old being excluded :mad:
Iceland is the best place of WW meals, they do them for half the price! The only dessert that is above the 5g per 100g is the choc eclairs but there are quite a few to pick from that are under the rule, meringues, cheesecakes, chocolate, orange chocolate, banoffee etc. All yummy! :drool:

When you are there look at the pizzas too, WW do a lovely italian chicken one, very nice! & its below the 5g rule too!

:fingerscrossed: for your daugther at school.... & I'll double that :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: for your SON
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Thanks hun but it's a son lol. We only have boys.

He hasn't been excluded - just suspended till next week. Gonna go now and find out what was said.


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Hiya like others said, dont worry too much you confessed to us which means you no what went wrong and eventually you will be able to fight those feelings.

I agree weight watchers desserts are a life saver for me all the ones i get are under the 5g rule and i have one each night after dinner also the skinny cow ice cream lollies are great too xx


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Well I went to Iceland and got in some WW desserts so I can satisfy my sweet cravings when they come ;)
Good stuff ;) You'll enjoy them as they are yummy! you'll be tempted to have one every night! :p and with them only being 2g of fat or something sure why not!!

Enjoy! ;)
Well I have been exceptionally good today to make up for this morning's JUMP off the wagon :D

And I took the dog on a long (half uphill) walk this afternoon.


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Well I have been exceptionally good today to make up for this morning's JUMP off the wagon :D

And I took the dog on a long (half uphill) walk this afternoon.
Hi Karen,

It goes to show how determined you are to succeed when you were able to get back on the wagon without going over board.

It's not easy when you are stressing and you have done it.:clap::clap::clap:

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini :D

Normally I would have totally given in. I don't know what's different with me this time around but I've never felt this commitment to losing these lbs before.

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