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I Hate Photographs!

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I swear, cameras were created by the Devil.

My OH was Best Man at a wedding recently. I tried really hard to look good that day and to be feminine and "pretty". I wanted to look nice in the photos, so I made an effort. I mean, for me, I thought I looked OK...

But the official photos have just come out and it seems I spent a lot of my time stood next to a tiny, petite, miniscule, skinny and fragile woman. So in the pictures,


And the camera never lies, does it? :sigh:

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Camera's do lie!! Agreed that they are evil :(
Dont feel down babes, I bet there are plents of photo's that you like and look lovely in, don't let one pic get you down xx
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Oh SD! I hate having my photo taken ! It's a much older woman than me, the camera adds years and pounds! (well known fact) I had to have mine taken for a rehab leaflet at work :eek: hopefully no one will recognise me now!
I wouldn't mind being airbrushed!

But as we know on here you have a wonderful bubbly personality and that won't show on an "official" photo. We love you just as you are!
Couldn't agree more! Run a mile from any camera! Was two years late getting my Freedom Pass 'cos of the bl**dy picture, and yesterday I discovered that my passport needs renewing...!!!


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Ooh I hate that, especially when you've been feeling brilliant in yourself. We are our own worst critic but when someone else takes the pictures we lose the control over which pics we would actually let people see. I know when we take pictures at home I'll quickly nab the camera and delete any that I look vile in ;)

I bet you look beautiful in the pics, it is just hard sometimes for us to see and appreciate how good we look.


Mrs V

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Hmmm...funny that this topic should come up. I went yesterday for a makeover and photoshoot as a last years Christmas pressie from my In-Laws.
I had a fantastic time and the photos that I have chosen are very flattering.
Im usually the first one to leg it when someone points a camera lens at me, so this was a welcoming surprise!
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Thanks ladies! It seems like a huge part of the problem is not having control over the pictures and who sees them (as couteaux pointed out). That's one of the many reasons that I hate Facebook... Awful pictures of me being shown to everyone, including people I haven't seen since school. Great.


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Snap re facebook. Oh my gosh, someone posted school pictures of me, I looked dreadful. I've changed so much since then, still big but I was teased for being big at school and really was big. I don't want work friends seeing that!

You can actually change your settings though so that any pictures added of you are only seen by you and won't show up to your friends list when you're tagged. They'll still be there, it just won't be highlighted for all to see!

MrsV - Really glad to hear your shoot went well!
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I'm a photographer and i HATE getting my photo taken, I'd rather be behind the lens than in front :D
My OH likes having his picture taken and has loads of great ones. He does like to choose them for himself though. He is quite pretty (which helps) but he also told me to "Love the camera and then it will love you back!"....Do you think that is true?
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I think we are all overly critical of photos. I have been in exactly this situation but the strage thing was that ALL of the people on the photo who saw it just looked at themselves and made some horrile comment like "Oh my God, my arms look huge", "Look at the state of my hair" etc.

Perhaps you need to look at the photo objectively we are all far too quick to see our flaws. Try and look at the photos as if you were looking at a friend- would you ever think those nasty thoughts about them???? NO! So why do it to yourself? I bet if you posted those piccies on here everyone would say "what are you on about? You made out like you looked like shrek and you actually look stunning"

Bet ya!


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I absolutely hate being photographed too. Even when I feel super slim, I see the photo and think "podgy". Do we see ourselves as being slimmer than we are? I created my virtual model and was pleased that it showed my shape as it really was. Then my OH came home and adjusted the size upwards and said that was more me :( Not in a cruel way, but now I look at it and think "podgy"


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i think that is totally true confidence comes through on the camera XXX you have to look at pictures objectively i have photos that ming and people say you look lovely on them so i dont think your always the best judge of yourself.
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I know exactly what you mean. I went to a wedding recently and in the official photos look massive. Typically all the others in the pictures were skinny and the ones who were the same or larger than me looked thinner as I was right on the edge of the pics.


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Lol, sorry I laughed at the looking like a giant bit, but not in an horrible way, its just because I know exactly where your coming from. I had my photo taken for something a week or so ago and I thought I'd made an effort and was feeling not to bad about myself. Then when I saw the photo I was Like "Woe, I am still huge"! That was a sobering moment and I felt rubbish for ages after. But then I thought I dont want to look like that anymore. You've go to use it for motivation. You even print it out and stick it on your fridge!
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Hi SD, I understand. I absolutely hate being photographed and react unpleasantly to any suggestion of being photographed. I agree with Leapfrog that my internal view of myself is of someone slimmer, which is what makes mirrors and cameras so appalling. At least being on SW is a way of addressing the problem, rather than just avoiding mirrors and cameras. Tracy

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I know exactly where you're coming from - I've always hated getting my photos taken too - I would much rather be the one taking the photos, I would "hide" behind someone so that it was just my head showing in most of the pictures, or I would hold one of the grandkids for the pictures, so that people would see them and not really see me, but I've recently actually enjoyed looking at my "big" photos and realising just how big I was, and wondering how I was actually feeling at those times, wondering if I felt that big, or had thought that I looked good ........ it's been quite an eye-opener for me, and they'll keep me from putting all that weight back on ........ I'm SURE of it, and I really enjoy getting photos taken, now that I'm nearly at my target weight! I'm revelling in the differences ........... I'm so chuffed that I've even put some photos into my profile album on here ......... feel free to check them out!? (I never thought I'd ever have felt like this, even offering people to check me out - lol)

Keep those recent photos ..... when you've lost a bit more weight, take them out and do a comparison ...... they'll be a great motivational tool ......... eventually! lol

Mrs V - Glad to hear that photoshoot went well for you ..... maybe someone will treat me to one for my Christmas ..... I think I'll drop a few hints! lol
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