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  1. Crystalline

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    Hey everyone! I currently weigh about 12 stone which makes me a size 14/16 UK size. I REEAALLYY want to get down to a size 8 for my brothers wedding in 6 months. We're going shopping a month before for something to wear so I have 5 months to get down in. Now what I want to know is.. is it possible for me to get down to a size 8 (which I'm guessing is about 8/9 stone) in 5 months??

    I don't go to any gym, I just want to do the exercise on my own.. at home, you know?
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  3. Lou1973

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    Hi Crystalline

    I don't think anyone can guarantee that you will be size 8 in 5 months time but what i do know is if you make a positive choice to eat healthily between now and then you'll definately lose some weight and be slimmer for the wedding - 5 months is a long time and 3 stone feels achievable in that time

    What diet are you thinking of following - there are people on here on all sorts of diets from slimming world and weight watchers to very low calorie diets like cambridge and lighter life.

    I'm on a diet called Go Lower which puts you into ketosis like Atkins or a VLCD but they deliver the food to you - it feels pretty healthy and i've lost 10lb in 3 weeks.

    Good luck for whatever diet you choose and you have a great motivation to stick to it
  4. Crystalline

    Crystalline Member

    Thanks for all your kind words :hug99:

    I've no idea what diet I'm going to follow at the moment. That "Go Lower" diet sounds good from what you've described.. can't say I've ever heard of it though lol. Is there anything that describes it in a bit more detail?

    Oh and congratulations on losing 10lb in 3 weeks! I bet you feel really good about yourself x
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    Hiya. You could definately get down to an 8 on a diet like cambridge, Lipotrim etc. But would you prefer a plan with food, or no food? Weekly meetings or going it alone?

    What i've heard about go lower is it's very expensive, there's a thread here somewhere, should comeup in a search.

    Good luck whatever you decide and keep us informed of our progress, plenty help and support on Mini's. :)
  6. Lou1973

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    As Lyn says above a VLCD like cambridge will see you lose about a stone a month but i struggle with the not eating food thing - some people do it very successfully.

    I've chosen Go Lower because it puts me in ketosis like a VLCD diet but you eat real food and more calories. The company delivers the food to your door and you just stick it in the microwave (sounds disgusting but the quality of the food is very high)

    As Lyn says it's not cheap (£200- £250 a month) which is about the same as lighter life but more expensive than Cambridge but I've decided my health is worth that little extra bit and actually when i added up how much I spent on weekly groceries, snacks, eating out, starbucks, takeaways etc it's about what i was spending anyway.

    You don't go to classes and have weekly weigh ins but theres a support line that you can call at any time and they are really helpful (eg I went out to dinner a couple of weeks ago and was able to send them the menu so they could suggest which would be the best food options)

    As Lyn says the place to start is to decide 1) do you feel strong enough to do it yourself or do you need weekly weigh ins/ class support 2) do you want to lose it in the fastest possible way by cutting out food or would you rather eat food 3) if you want to eat food do you want to be able to eat anything just in a more controlled way (eg something like weight watchers points) or would you rather have a plan where you can eat some things and not others 4) do you want to cook and prepare the food yourself or have it delivered (there are quite a few food delivery services avaiable at the moment - go lower is just one of them).

    Having looked at all the q's above I decided Go Lower was the right plan for me (unfortunately as you point out because it's not well known it took me a long time to find it but know I have I found "my" answer) - just had a weekly weigh in and have lost 11lb in 4 weeks - my suggestion would be to look at all the different options and decide which one is right for you - and any questions you've got before you start or once you've started there will always be someone on here to help you out.
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