i just made myself cheese on toast

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Misdee, 25 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    FFS, I am mad. I purposly went into the kitchen to make it, grated the cheese, put it under the grill, munched some pickled onions etc, and then thought 'wtf am i doing?' , so woke up hubby and gave the cheese on toast to him.

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  3. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

    Lucky one im sure you havnt too much too worry about with the pickled onions, but does give weight to the fact we eat because were bored.

    Congrats on the weight loss so far
    Last edited: 25 April 2007
  4. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    Automatic isn't it???!!

    T'is ok...bad pickled onions!!! tsk tsk....but you did good to not eat the cheese on toast...that really would have scunnered things!!! :)
  5. Well, done for not eating it and coming straight here. I know if it was me, it wouldb'e gone straight down in 2 big bites!
    Sound like you're having a pretty tough time at the mo. Is there anything you caen do to distract yourself away from the kitchen?

    Keep up the good work, you can DO this.
    Love Y x
  6. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    few extra calories for him isnt it. full fat cheese as well.

    i have onion breathe now, bleugh
  7. Meneither

    Meneither The Me Is Back.........

    Im sure thats better than Ketosis breath. lol

  8. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    couldnt be any worse than keto breath - lol

    ~Well done for not eating the cheese on toast.
  9. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

  10. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    heheheh...onions are nice though!!! heheh.

    To the arcade with you Misdee!!!!

    I challenge you to the funny spot bursting/picking game!!!
  11. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    no idea on what that is but ok then. [slinks off to the arcade]
  12. penny35

    penny35 Silver Member

    Congrat's on not eating the cheese, that's so fab!
    On a selfish note, are pickled onion's ok to eat?
    Give coley what for, she's a cheeky one,lol
  13. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    no no pickled onions not good on SS lol.
  14. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    oooooooough er??!! me....cheeky...I'll give you cheeky!! :whoopass: :p

    nay to the pickled onions....sugary you see...they caramelise!

    Acne!! under arcade games...here we go...http://www.minimins.com/arcade.php?act=Arcade&do=play&gameid=91

    hehehe...so gross!!!:D
  15. kirsty7kids

    kirsty7kids Full Member

    Hi Misdee
    Well done you are doing great,great news that you didnt eat the cheese on toast
    love kirsty
  16. peachy1982

    peachy1982 Silver Member

    That game is absolutely minging!!!
    Coley, there is something not right with you
  17. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    hhhhhahahahahahahah........makes you not want to eat though huh??:D:D:D
  18. penny35

    penny35 Silver Member

    Peachy, I'm glad I'm not the only one that think's that about coley,lol.(Hiding now)
  19. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

    I'm going to take the hump in a minute!!!! then you'll all have no fun........:mad:

    Penny...there is a little spanky cane here that has your name on it....:eek:
  20. kazbro

    kazbro jelly belly

    well done for not eating the cheese
    so hard to not snack isn`t it
    i have my mind really trained at the mo i will not snack but boy would i love cheese on toast now :drool:
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