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I just want to say that...


is loving the soup?!
I am so hungry I could eat my cat's dinner!
I have never, ever, ever been this hungry in the whole course of my life.
Feels like someone is tying a knot in my intestines.
Had to go to bed for hours this afternoon because I couldn't cope.
Ah well...onwards and downwards...I know it'll pass, must just be a blip as generally since the first few days I haven't been hungry.
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Aww rachel hang in there...brush your teeth....drink water......look at the inspirational pictures here and it will pass x
oh cr*p! All I can do is repeat the advice given already -water water water and if it gets too tough have an extra shake -its better than straying. I recommend a hot bath and a pampering -get the body lotions out and do what you can to take your mind of it. It so so horrible I know -if you're anything like me you're probably feeling an awful mixture of anger and self pity.

My sis watches music videos to keep her focussed by seeing al the skinnys. Would that help? Have you discovered the minimins arcade? That has helped me whittle a few hours away til bedtime before.

So sorry you're struggling woman ((HUGS)) -hope its eases soon. oxo


is loving the soup?!
Honestly I can't take a bath or read because I don't have the energy! I am not going to cave or anything, just having a self-indulgent moan lol.
moan away hun isn't it great to have a place to do that


is loving the soup?!
It is! I have in fact just made my last shake, which I'd planned to have a bit later, but I thought it would give me some relief for a couple of hours and then I'll get a really early night.
I had been experiencing issues when I put ice in with the blender leaking all over the kitchen...so I blended the ice first and then added the water, choc shake and coffee.
OMG it's like an elixir of life lol....with the ice blended separately it's so smooth and frothy. Mmmmmmmmm.
ROFL at how excited I am over a Lipotrim shake!
Thanks so much everyone for your support xxx
give yourself a manicure or pedicure - once that nail polish is on you can't do anything else. no idea where that thought come from - completely random!!

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