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I know this might sound like a silly questiob but...

how do you know when your in ketosis?
Does it take some people longer than others?

This is day 3 for me and i'm only just starting to feel hungry and i really wanted to have a bit of pizza earliar when the kids were eating it but i stopped myself and reminded myself why i am doing this. I just hope i can get past the weekend and have a good first weigh in on monday.
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You can't confirm you're in ketosis unless you have the ketostix to test your urine. I believe it varied between individuals but is around 4 or 5 days for most people. Hang in there and battle through the hunger (it really is sheer willpower that gets you through in the early days) and you'll soon be relishing the wonderful appetite suppressing properties of ketosis :)
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Them sticks sometimes dont work just so you know. Ok first of all do you have a weird taste in your mouth???? Any comments about bad breath? thats usually the first sign. The hunger part im afraid comes for some people and doesnt for others. I was still starving in week 3 at times and i was definitely in ketosis. Your mind is very important on this diet because sometimes the hunger is not in your stomach but in your head. You will get there and being around food you wont even feel tempted because ever present in the back of your head will be I will ruin all my hard work if i ate just a bit of that.

Well done on starting the diet you will be so in your stride in a few weeks time will fly and you wont know yourself. xxx
Yes it tastes like it used to when i smoked and have bad breath aswell.

Im really pleased i lasted to day 3 to feel hungry and so glad i didnt give in and have pizza because after my chicken soup i felt really full.

thanks for th info and encouragement!


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If your breath's gone "off" you're in ketosis - that means you're burning fat now!! Once your body gets used to it you will stop feeling hungry (most of the time) but you will need to learn the difference between being hungry and wanting to eat. That took me a while (like 43 years).....

Good luck

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