Extra Easy I L O V E extra easy!


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Early October 2009 I moved from Warwickshire to Devon, I wanted to settle into the area, make friends and lose weight; slimming world seemed like the best option. I joined in late October 2009, and lost half a stone before Christmas.

I had more to lose and got back on track immediately after Christmas. What surprised me, was that although I had a three week gap over the festive period (I had everything from family outings to funerals, it was a very busy time and I was away a lot). I had only gained 3lbs in three weeks. Three weeks of eating out, drinking more alcohol than usual, not tracking what I was eating, and generally just going with the flow.

The previous year I had tried to lose weight with WW, and after being off the diet for just one week with WW (again over Christmas) I gained 10lbs! I was was just 'eating normally' with a few extras here and there.

This year with SW has shown me how the focus on eating healthy every day food and getting into the habit of eating more naturally slimming food, my body has stopped craving all the other, less healthy options.

Slimming worlds Extra Easy really is so easy to follow, it becomes second nature. WW had a point for so many things, even fruit and certain vegetables; it puts you off using the points on healthy foods, in case you ‘need’ them for something nice that you crave later. Not realising that if I just ate a well balanced diet in the first place I wouldn’t have those cravings anymore.

Extra Easy has made this so much easier to understand, so much easier to follow and to get to grips with, I will never again struggle to count and weigh every spoonful of rice or spuds or peas again. I just make healthy choices, cook without fat, and eat until I am satisfied. Extra Easy.

I am planning my wedding for mid september this year and I know I will be far lighter and far healthier than I have been in a very long time!

Happy New Year everyone and Happy New Us! :D
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Thanks for posting this. I am normally a red day follower, but I am going to try experimenting with EE to see what I think.

Its good to hear postive views about the plan many people seem to like it :D it gives me the encouragement I need to give it a go.


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I'm on my first week of ee after restarting with sw this week. It was great reading your positive words and how this plan has taught you to eat healthier. This is the first time I've tried ee as last time I was with sw it didnt exist. I'm finding it good but I seem to be leaning towards following red or green days am finding it a bit strange to have the variety of ee in one day. Hopefully it will get easier as it def seems the healthy way to go.

Liek you I couldnt stand the idea of counting and measuring forever it needs to be idiot proof for me to want to keep at it.


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
same here!

if a diet is hard to keep up with, it just doesn't last!

Most of us know already what we shouldn't eat too much of, and generally, for most, it isn't peas, apples and spuds! its sugary drinks, alcohol, chocalte/crisps/snacks and fast or processed food.

I know ww are trying to give the same message, but pointing anything that moves I dont think is the best way, not for me anyway! lol

I think encouraging good habits and ways of eating are much more useful and sustainable long term that counting all the time. it makes healthy eating a way of life rather than hard work to be measured everytime you pick a fork up!

thanks for your lovely replies and good luck on your journeys.



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the only thing i dont like is missing the exta A and B choice im finding it hard to do with out those :(


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
Hi Msblonde.

I have a wee question. When you do EE do you have to do it for every meal?

I usually have Weetabix for breakfast and then a pasta n sauce, noodles or soup for lunch (easy as I work in an office) which are all free on the green plan but then could I do an EE meal in the evening??



as long as you are missing the extra a and b choice (only 1 HEXA and only 1 HEXB rather than two) then it should be ok. as what ever is free on red or green, is free on EE, its just the healthy extras that would catch you out.

do you go to a class? if so double check with your consultant. I use lifeline online and its excellent, the food diary adds it all up for you.

good luck!


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I totally agree msblonde. I am great at starting diets only to give them up when the effort of cooking separate meals all the time eventually drives me demented. I have a son who, for health reasons, needs to eat 3 times the calories of a 'normal' 15 year old and I spend my life trying to come up with ways to sneakily incorporate fat into his diet. Can be exhausting when I am permanently trying to lose weight myself!

EE makes this so easy. I just cook the meals we've always liked, but in an SW way, and do extra roasties or something for my son. Hence I'm not always thinking and stressing about food and therefore I'm finding it dead easy to stick to. A diet that's dead easy to stick to is the Holy Grail we're all looking for. There's no feeling of deprivation on EE - all you have to do is stick to it and get on with your life. The pounds that happen to fall away as you're doing it almost seem like an incidental, but welcome, bonus to me!


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Thanks for sharing this - I might well give EE a try soon. I feel comfortable doing green and red, so feel as though now, if I read up on it a bit, could try EE.

Thanks x


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I agree, I too love EE. I find it great as I can eat with my family in the evening, I just eat free stuff for breakfast and lunch and then save my HE and syns so that I can eat whatever DH prepared in the evening (I am lucky enough to have a DH who cooks every night!)

I have only been doing SW for a week or two now (started gradually) but I too have found my cravings are gone. I had not used any syns today and found a box of mini Smarties my daughter had left from a party bag, but they did not even taste nice! So I had a Babybel light instead, lol!


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Hi, it was so nice to hear someone so positive! I have restarted sw (online) last week and am struggling to be honest. Having a good think about things tonight and i'm really going to start again properly tomorrow doing a mix of EE and green days. Good luck with your journey and hope you continue to enjoy it!


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Just through eating what I fancy (and what was in the fridge this close to pay day!!) I have had a couple of green days this week - and I'v actually felt guilty for having the extra A and B choices!! Never thought I would be saying that ;-) Extra Easy ROCKS!!


a new way of living!
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thanks all, good luck with all your journeys too, I have to say I will only ever do EE as a diet now, its just too good. I have tried other diets where the weight comes off more quickly (Lipotrim and sure slim) but they require hard work and deprivation! this is just like healthy eating adn I love it! :D


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
woo hoo for devon!!


we are doing a day trip to plymouth today! now where is my wooly? brrr cold today.

we should go to the flicks at exeter or something, have you seen avatar?