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I lived a little on friday.. and lived to tell the tale

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Hello everyone. Well on friday I made a post asked what peoples opinions were on having a drink on CD SS. As I new everyone sugguested against this....:cool:

True to my style someone says go right.. I go left... and I did have a couple of vodka diet cokes...:break_diet:

* I was on a last night out to say goodbye to my 3 best mates who are going to live in ibiza for the next 6 months :wave_cry::( .. gutted *

Well i made a decsion and i had a couple of diet cokes with single vodka and i made sure i drank water inbetween.
Other than being extremely tired as id been at work all day I didnt get drunk I didnt have any nasty side effects although to be fair I can drink alot usually anyway before i get drunk which i think helped. lightweights beware...

Anyway this was friday night and ive weighed myself this morning and I havent put any weight on I think the water helped flush it out and i did continue 100% yesturday and didnt crack and have food, I drank heaps of water before bed on friday and drank double yesturday.

Overall i want to be slim more than i am wanting drink/food and there is no more nights out now till july anyway (i hope to be at goal by july) so no chances of this situation happening again :rolleyes:

Im not trying to promote drinking on CD just because I was fine doesnt mean YOU will be too as I s.w others and they told me some really bad scarey stories and it is ment to be dangerous.

I dont regret my decsion to break the diet for a few hours and have the drinks it was the best choice at that time and im still gonna continue SS its not changed my views and im not gonna become a serial cheat just because I got away with the drink :D

I just wanted to say dont worry if you do break CD for social reasons its not the end of the world and we can carry on 100% afterwards :D WE should control CD.. CD shouldnt control our lives

**** Just dont risk the alcohol it may have bad effects so be careful, I drank water inbetween overall about 1 & 1/2 litres over the course of the night *****
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hey !! I completely agree with you.....glad you had a good time : ) xxx


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I am glad you got through with no bad side effects but I have heard so many scary stories about drinking when you're in ketosis...that I am gonna wait until I get to goal before I have any booze...and then I will have one hell of an alcohol party lol.


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lol yeh i researched a bit into ketosis and alcohol some sites even said it HELPED :eek: which is thinks ridiculous! But i supose it would effect everyone differently just like alcohol does anyway I mean some people will be drunk off a few glasses of wine and throw up other people can drink 2 bottles and not be bad off it. but overall Im not going to be doing it again till goal anyway :D Just wanted people to see that breaking for a special ocasion isnt the end of the world :D


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Just wanted people to see that breaking for a special ocasion isnt the end of the world :D
But it could be for some.

I'm glad you lived to tell the tale, but there is no way I could risk my life trying it out.

I know there is a difference of opinion about it, but the sheer fact that some research says it can be fatal makes it a darn good reason not to risk IMO.

I jumped out in front of a bus, I may be okay. I may time it just right so the bus driver manages to brake in time.

Wouldn't be wise to do though ;)

This is a short term diet, and nobody needs to drink alcohol on it. If you really do want to have some, that is entirely up to you, but come out of ketosis first.

I'm now closing this thread
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