I;m full, but want to eat :-(


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Can you keep yourself busy doing something else?! Are you at home or in work? If you're at home, any way you can get out the house for a stroll- you may not feel like eating when you get back! Or do some cleaning, or a job you've been putting off for ages, or read a couple of chapters of a book, or magazine!! If you're in work, steer clear of anything that's around you!! Saying that, if you really want something, could you not grab some fruit or something free- any Mugshots or suchlike in the cupboard?X


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drink some water? or diet coke? or like funcurls said snack on something free? Chicken Drumsticks (with the skin removed) always do it for me! M&S do the BEST jumbo roast chicken drumsticks :) x


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You bodies signal for hunger and thirst are the same feeling. Try drinking a decent glass of water, if your hungry in 20 mins then it is a hunger signal. What day are you on?


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Good advice given above. Hope you can resist :)


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Help, I am full but suddenly just want to eat and eat. So far resisted as it is weigh in day tomorrow morning and I think I may have done reasonably well.

Help me stay away from the rubbish ... pls xxxxx

Did you manage to resist yesterday?

Im having one of those days today!! I've eaten a huge salad, 2 ML yoghurts, a banana, a hartleys jelly and i still want to eat!! I've drank 2.5 litres of water 2!!

I think im just being greedy lol


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I find I always get like this after eating white pasta, rice or lots of spuds.

I figured out it was because their GI level is so high that after eating them your blood sugars plummet and you crave food without actually being hungry

Since I worked this out I swapped pasta and rice for brown/wholewheat versions and keep the high GI carbs down to a minimum in the evening- it help a LOT



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I would say drink water and eat fruit - however you said you are alreay full so that isn't the problem! What is making you want to eat do you think? Are you craving something specific, or just bored?


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My advice is to have a real think, and talk to yourself... if you are genuinely hungry, which you say so are not, eat free foods, if not get busy doing anything to take your mind off eating. Just decide whether you prefer food or being slim. I know NO food ever tastes better than being slim!!


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Can i note I had some chunks of chicken and now im fine!! - i think it was genuine hunger lol

I have to say i agree with the above, it may be boredom!! I eat when i get bored - especially at work even if im busy and i find it boring!!


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Fizzy water and a bannana is a really good way of surpressing the appetite xx
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When I feel like that I sit and imagine what I will look like at my ideal weight. One thing that I have done is find a picture of the body you want and then put your head on the body. I know it sounds strange but it has really helped me. Do I want to eat or look like that. the food craving hopefully will go.


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I have made a pact to myself that when i am feeling like eating then to start jogging on the spot instead as it really gets me motivated and thinking about my body lol. Sounds odd but it changes my frame of mind and reminds me how much i have to exercise to say burn off one measly biscuit
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Aww, thank you all so so much. I did have some snack a jacks and a little nibble of this and that, but nowhere near like a full blow out binge! So thank you to all of you. I had a large jacket pot and tuna for lunch as was really full but in need of eating (if that makes sense!!). I was also really thirsty so I drank lots of water, and kept busy on here. Anyway, weighed in this morning and had lost 1.5lb so really happy. THANK YOU ALL - YOU WERE ALL GREAT WITH THE ADVICE. XXXXXX


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Congratulations on the weight loss and resisting :)