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I Made A Boo Boo!!!

Hi Everyone..

I had my weigh in today and only lost 3lbs, but i knew that i hadnt been doing too good these past 2 weeks, but im back on track and i havnt cheated in 3days and hope to work harder, im suppose to add a meal but the rate im going, forget it, i need to stick to SS for another 2weeks, is it just me or is it really hard? everytime i see food im like oh F it ill have abit and before you know it your eating little bits everyday, the main problem i have is Carbs!!! anyway good luck everyone and let me know how you guys are finding it!!!

x x x

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I hate to say it but I'm finding it really easy. But, saying that when I'm visiting my parents I find it a bit harder, When I'm at home I have a two year old to look after and it's all go, sometimes I forget to have my shakes and have to do a catch up in the evening but when I'm at the parents they do loads with Jacob so I'm at a loose end.

Are you busy loads, I read Natalie Cassidy's story earlier, she's lost four stone and took up tapestry to beat the cravings. Keep busy that's all I can say. You'll do it, good luck xx
im the same was brill 1st month but now i find i feel really hungry some times and need to eat and same as u ,its craving for carbs ie crisps,i hate myself after,but i have brought alarge pack of sliced chicken and am eating that instead if i really feel i need to eat.....
I do the same thing with the picking Diamond, and at the moment I am obsessed with planning what to eat next!

What you really need to remember is that you ARE suceeding on this diet, that you ARE still losing weight and that you look and feel better now than you did 5 weeks ago.

Whilst I know the best way to do Cambridge is to follow the plan to the letter, we all get through this diet in slightly different ways and to the best that we can manage to suit our lifestyle. Better to do it our way and lose weight slowly than to throw in the towel and not lose any! I am certainly not losing weight at the rate I could be, however, it is still coming off (most of the time).

If you really have to pick, do as Lilac suggests and keep something non carby in the fridge, so you don't cave and grab the wrong thing. I'm trying to get back into sole sourcing at the moment, although I felt ravenous today, so treated myself to some food that I absolutely love (mushrooms and bistro salad) but hopefully will do minimum damage. I also have half a sugar free jelly most evenings (a treat recommended by my CDC) and the occasional 10 cal soup. Any of those are better than popping the Pringles!

I'm not sure I would do AAM, especially not this week when you will want to eat next week too. Do you think you could AAM next week instead?

Good luck. You know you can do it as you've already lost around 15lbs.
Thanx Guys!! well im not gonna give up i keep saying that to myself, last night i cooked and just watched as everyone ate, im determained to stick to it, i know that if i cheat i wont get anywhere and ive seen it happen, so i just need to concentrate on my goals, i want this more than anything at the moment and the great thing is that i can see my jeans getting really baggy, i dont really see any other changes, but im sure in time that will come too.. i had a few problems with constipation and i started the fibre 89 last night, so i hope it works!! coz that was one of the main reasons why i ate!! good luck guys and hope you all successed!!!

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