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I miss LL.I want to come back

Im so upset and now i tried cd i dont feel its the one for me, dont like none of there food packs.At least i loved all the shakes on ll. My llc said to my husband i can go back but i feel awful, i feel i have been a traitor if thats what u call it:tear_drop:
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Fighting Demons....
I seem to recall the only reason you left LL was for financial reasons, with you and OH doing LL was a little expensive! So have you thought about your other half doing CD and you going back to LL? Or are you now in a position to both do LL?

You are not a traitor, you had a legitimate reason for going to CD and I'm sure your LLC is aware of it and understands!

B x
Go back! Jump at the chance! You weren't being a traitor, you were just making sure you had made the right decision for you.
Well i could not do it because of finance and also could not attend the groups!So im not sure if i could attend with out going to the groups.My husband is going on to management next week so his price will go down. So maybe!


Fighting Demons....
First of all, yey Mr. Lynn! He's done so well!

Is there no way you can get to the sessions? If the day is a problem, perhaps you could see if another group is starting that you could join on another night?

I think you need to speak to you LLC about your options honey! Sounds like you were much happier on LL, sure she will try and help you any way possible. Good luck!

B x
yeah sure ill sort something!Hopefully.
Thanks everyone for the lovely support.I am comng back to ll.I cannot stomache the cd packs, and i have been unhappy so lighterlife all the way, ill never complain about the food packs again!!Compared to cd they taste alot nicer.


nearly there!! :)
well done to ur husband hunni how much has he lost in total? oh and good on u for making the right change for u xxx
Hi Catz..he is going into his 5th st lucky him.He lost only 1lb this week...lol. But he was fine about it as he has lost alot anyway.


nearly there!! :)
lucky bugger lol they get off easy men do lol
I know, its not fair, the men have an easy life really(sorry pete if you read this)Lol

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