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I need a rant...and I ridiculous one at that.


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Okay, still in a good place with LL just getting a tad frustrated that my mind feel 100% ready for RTM and waiting for my body to catch up....

But, OH just made me shake with anger. In such a stupid way. Play bickering (started with his rather strong views on Jade Goody, to how he spends all day on football sites and I don't get a look in..) and as he was eating he kept sticking his tongue out with food on it.

I know, it sound pathetic, because normally I'd think it was immature but wouldn't bother me, but with the frustrations, and how much I want to start eating it was like a red flag to a bull. It like rubbing my ****ing face in it, and he knows I'm putting ALL of my effort into keeping on this at the moment.

I'm literally shaking it made me so angry. Why this has made me react like that I don't know.

Jeez - what a ridiculous post - but I needed the rant!

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Anyhow, men are really just little boys (well except for the ones on here ;)) so hang in there and things will get better. xx
Glad you added that last bit LS!!

Anyway Em, no excuse for that behaviour, but you're a better person than to allow it to upset you for long. See it for what it was, childish and pathetic!
hi em
....take some deep breaths then pour a glass of water over his head!

ok, maybe not, but just laugh at how ridiculous he is being and feel better about yourself for being strong.

he should feel ashamed of himself

daisy x


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Awww Em!! How pathetic is he!! Hope you are calming down now. And LS is right about the hormone thing. I think that's a sure sign you are there!!


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Good god - does he not know how lucky he is? He thinks he's being funny but he's not respecting you properly. He will mean nothing by it, but that doesn't stop itbeign hurtful or making you angry. Men do grow up - I promise.

We're about 75 when it happens though.
Sounds like my DH!! He thinks it's fun to play bicker - while it just winds me up!

I hope he apologises to you soon!!! I bet he's in total awe of you having been so successful, but being male he's not so good at being upfront and honest about how he feels (sorry men on here if this doesn't apply to you, but it's definitely my personal experience anyway!).

As for finding things tough - people have said that you will know when it's time to start RTM. I think I'm finally getting there, but found it tougher the last few weeks. However, now that I've reached goal and could stop now, I'm finding it much easier again and could stay on this forever the way I feel today!!

Tell him off for being tactless and make him buy you a lovely treat of some new clothes to make up for it!!


Is back in the saddle!
Men do grow up - I promise.

We're about 75 when it happens though.
Glad you said that Andy. My OH is just into his 60's and just coming out of his MenoPorsche. Not long to go then. :sigh::D

Purple Hugs

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lol I'm tempted to say I'm with daisy doll but honestly, I think treating it as it deserves to be treated.. is ignored. Like with a child! ;) Ignore bad behaviour reward good ;)

Well done on your weight loss to date and on being ready in your mind for maintenance :) I'm sure you'll be ther esoon :) With or without your oh's help :)


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Awww chick - what an arse! On the upside, just got in from a gig and saw your msgs on Facebook about the goal jeans - WOOP WOOP!!! I wasn't ignoring you - totally thrilled for you sweet thing! xxxx

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