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I need your input on my hairdo!!!


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Hi All

So my hair currently looks like this. i had it cut from longer than shoulder length yesterday to this length in the picture below, i'm not 100% sure if i really like it or not yet....OH and everyone else does but i'm not convinced!

Now for the last 2 years or so i have been in love with frankie sandfords hair but never had the guts to get it cut because i just don't know it will suit me and i'm scared i would hate it!

So i am asking you now for HONEST opinions as to what you think!

Kate x
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I think dos like that do look better on people with slim faces, which you have! You both have similar faces, and ive always loved her hair too but not brave enough to do something that short.

Could you not try and style it like that first? See what you think and then have it cut like that. You would possibly have to grow your fridge out so would give you the chance to see if you liked it.

Definately think you would rock it anyways ;) x
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Your hair looks lovely hun :)
I do like Frankie's hair style but personally I think it would bug me as I dont like to have my hair in my face too much lol..
my friend has a haircut similar to Frankies & I think it works because her hair is really thick, so it holds the shape of the style really well. Another woman at work got her hair cut the same (bit of a single white femail moment in the office!!), but it doesn't look anywhere near as good as her hair is much finer, so it doesn't suit that particular style as well.

Anyway, I think the style would really suit your face, but it might depend on your hair type as to whether it would hold the style.

I like your new cut though - I often find it takes a while to get used to a new length
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I like your hair now but total think you could rock that hair do. Iv always wanted something like that.Im going short as soon as hit my target


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You should go for it and get it done, I reckon it would suit you!

Your hair looks lovely now too, listen to the compliments and believe them! Xx


Gym Addict!!!
S: 11st9lb C: 9st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 19.5 Loss: 2st7lb(21.47%)

thanks guys...my fringe is cut so i can sweep it to the side anyway so i wouldnt need to grow it out fortunately...not sure what OH would say...generally he doesn't like short hair, but this i may be able to convince him on maybe!!

I think you might have to sit tight on the Frankie style for a bit. From the top pic (which is lovely) your fringe appears to be a bit short to do the sweep across at this point, so you might want to grow it out a bit longer to accurately replicate the look!
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I'm having mine cut tonight! It's in graduated bob at the moment...in a moment of madness bout 2 years ago, had my long red hair cut short but love it!

I was thinking of going for a frankie doo as well...now iv lost weight and my face is more slimline! Still really unsure though...I mean it strikes me as a sort of "fashion haircut" if u get me!! Mite leave it this time and just have a trim...


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I think you would SERIOUSLY suit that style or even Kimberly from Got to Dance. Her hair would really suit you.
Your face could easily pull off a dramatic hairdo cause you are very pretty. Totally go for it.

I have realllly long hair and had always wanted to dye it bright orange but didnt know if it would work. One day I just went for it and wouldnt have it any other way now.

Go for it.

If you do keep your hair as it is now though, it is lovely.


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I'm probably gonna get slated for this but it's my opinion which is what you and only you have asked for....

I don't like your fringe as it is, it looks too short, that's just my personal opinion, however I think the Frankie cut (and colour)would look really good on you, go for it!!

Earlier this year I had my long hair cut into a bob that was shorter at the back and longer at the front, my hairdresser was so shocked (cos I ALWAYS) just have a trim that she refused to do it at first!! Everyone else (and me) loves it though so sometimes dramatic is good.


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A sharp graduated bob might be somewhere in between the two.
I don't know if your fringe would be long enough to do that flicky thing at the moment xx

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