I passed out the other day from overdoing thing so.....


Dreaming of being slim!


Just take it at an easy pace and drink loads of water. No running, no racing, nothing too high intensity.

You shouldn't ever be doing enough exercise on a VLCD to significantly increase your losses. As a guideline, 4 45 minute sessions per week if you worked at top intensity, i.e. if you were eating normally and had the energy to go all out, might burn 1200-1500 calories (that's less than half a pound). And that would only be if you had enough fuel in your body to work that hard. If you are working that hard on a VLCD, you need to eat more.


Hi Julie,

I wouldnt but if you over do it- your body is going to tell you straight away :)

2 llbs a week is still 8llbs a month though and thats over a half stone.

all them whipper snappers of yours will keep you exercised :)


Sorry, Julie, I've just read this back and wondered if I've misunderstood - are you not doing SS then? Just wondering as you are saying your losses will even out to a pound or two a week :confused:

If you're on one of the "with food" plans then you will be able to do more exercise, of course. However, listen to your body and if you are at all dizzy or faint or short of breath, stop and have a drink and (ideally) something to eat.


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Hi Julie, I think you are mixing this up with other diets, you will carry on losing weight at around a stone a month right through this plan, thats the beauty of it, no slowing down to 1-2lbs per week. I couldnt do this to lose those amounts.