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I really feel like eating :(


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Don't worry - the first few days are the worst. Try hard to focus on what you want - it's odd to miss the thing that made you feel bad in the first place but we all understand how you feel. It'll pass though, and you have your first weigh in to look forward to and I promise that will cheer you up!

Good luck



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sorry to hear your feeling down :( but imagine how youd feel after you had ate (if you decide to) ... proberly even more down than you do now, so just ask yourself if its worth it... keep ya chin up and stay strong :) x ... "think thin" xx


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It's cravings and habit that makes you feel that way. I am eating this week and next week as I am going into hospital and my pharmacist said to come off everything for the two weeks untill I am sorted and then go back on. I can assure you that after eating the 2nd time the thrill had worn off. The pharmacist has me eating very basic food so that I don't gain and I am still in ketosis so it shuld be easy to get back on track with the shakes.

I know it's hard now....I remember my first 2 weeks well, but trust me once you are settled in ketosis and the hunger is reduced you will fly it and it gets easier and easier as you go on.
It will be al worth while when you see the lb's drop off!
thanks everyone your are all so full of encouragement :)

just cant get rid og this cravin for chicken lol
shake 3 cummin up
oh annie , please be strong i ate tonight..started with a ww meal and then loads of rice cakes now some biscuits and feel even more down and disgusted with self!! so i understand where ur coming from but after the initial joy of eating i now feel worse!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
I wonder wa wud happen if i had a snack?
its terrible feelin isint it wantitgone :(
Oh Sweetie,

There's nothing worse than the food devil playing with your mind:devilangel:. Try and have a treat like a nice bath or an early nite to get past the cravings.

Just think of all the hard work you've already put in, don't ruin it its just not worth it. Soon you will be in ketosis which will really help but just for today you'll have to summon up some will power.

Good luck,
Kirstie x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Stay strong folks, don't give in to cravings. Think hard about why you are doing this diet in the first place. Giving in to cravings is what got us all here in the first place.
Keep up your water intake, keep sipping rather than having big glasses of water at one time. Go do something else when the munchies attack!!!


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Please please please don't do it! LT is a TOTAL food replacement diet and will only work if you stick to it 100%. Wantitgone has said that you will feel worse if you give in. Try to rise above it and you WILL feel better tomorrow if you wake up without having given in. Believe me I know how hard it is - I did 5 months tfr and I was tempted many times but the result is SO worth it.
As Kristie says, have a nice bath and a couple of glasses of water and look forward to a better, lighter day tomorrow.

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thanks hun im in bed now so i wont be giving in

thanks so much
New day tomorrow :)

Kirstie x


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Morning lovie!
Hope you're feeling better today. You did brilliantly not giving in - you should feel good about yourself. Look forward to the weigh in - it will give you a fantastic boost.



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well done for not giving in xxxx i wish i hadnt now and didnt sleep at all :( ...just getting my shake ready i guess i have really buggered it all up now havent i?x
Don't beat yourself up - today is a new day, and now at least you know how it feels if give in to your food demons. Be strong, and focus on where you want to be. You know it's possible, and you know you can do it if you give yourself a chance.

Good luck



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Well done for not giving in - I'm sure over the next few days I'll have similar feeling and will be coming on here posting the same!
Think of the end results - you can do it!!
thanks jon! will i have buggered my ketosis up now though or will it just take a few days more to reach that stage? still feel totally bloated this morning not even had my shake yet! keep going everyone im so proud that u do it and want to carry on too :)
want it gone dont be worryin forget it and carry on!!

hey jon Im feeling great today thanks for yesterday !!

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