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I think I'm addicted to banana custard...


has started again!!
I just love the new shake served hot. It just so reminds of custard, a real comfort food!

I am just a bit worried that I shouldnt like it so much , and I am reinforcing my old, bad habits. Having said that I am not sure I am prepared to give it up now, as I am soooo bored with the diet and need to find resolves where I can!

Any thoughts on this?
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Sez I take it you make your shake quite thick then?


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I think you do whatever you need to do to get through and get to your goal. It is probably a good sign that you are thinking about it and maybe shows you are more aware of what goes into your mouth. Personally, I get mostly choc food packs with just a few different things for variety so I don't get bored with them I guess ultimately if it works for you, keep doing it!


has started again!!
Sez I take it you make your shake quite thick then?
Sammy, yes if I make it hot I use just under 300ml of water, but if cold, a little bit more!

I am wondering if mixing a pack with half a nut bar would make a banana muffin, or if the flavour would be too intense...hmmmm

Might try tomo!


longs to be average!
Every night at 8pm is Banana Custard time, but blimey Sez, you like it runny? I make it with 150ml - nice and thick. I have also tried making Strawberry Custard, and have that for tea everynight. But Raspberry custard is not so hot, so should be avoided.


longs to be average!
Nope - just food pack and 150ml of hot water - makes a lovely thick custard, just had my dose for today and want more!!!
I'm just sat with a nice hot bowlful now - gorgeous stuff :)
Guess what I'll be having for brekkie......... sounds gorgeous!!!! Please keep the tips with what to do with the foodpacks coming.

I made the muffn with the choc pack last night - BLEUURGHH dontknow what I did wrong but it was horrible!
yea come on spill the beans, whats this called and where do we find it, ive a piece of chickpea cake waiting for a good old serving, lol
mmm...custard...its my favourite too...

just take a banana pack, make it slightly thicker than a normal shake (150-200mls) and stick in the microwave for 45s-1min until its nice and hot. Yummy!!

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