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Ibiza tomorrow - any holiday tips??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by kevandju5, 12 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. kevandju5

    kevandju5 Maintaining

    So excited... madly packing for our fortnight in Ibiza:D. Going out tonight for my bro's 30th party, so got to be ready today!:eek:

    Just a bit worried, having finally got to target, I don't really want to put on weight while I'm away.:(

    Planning to keep up the exercise and make healthy choices as far as food goes if poss. We are staying half board, so I'm hoping for salads, fruit, meat and fish in the buffet... Any holiday tips? I would welcome any advice from those of you who have done a SW style holiday!! xx
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  3. razzledazzle

    razzledazzle Full Member

    Congrats on being at target.

    My advice would be to stay away from the local lagers and cocktails ....... instead stick to spirits and diet mixers, or vino .... you know where you are with them!

    Oh and take every opportunity you can to walk walk walk!

    Hope you have a fabulous time.

  4. Alyce

    Alyce Full Member

    Bet your soo excited, best thing to do is drink plenty of water or diet coke so you wont feel too hungry during the day!

    Nice walks in the evening after dinner is good to burn those few cocktails off :D

    Hit the pool, burning cals even if you are only messing about and not doing lenths.

    Eat plenty of salads with fish and steak ect.

    And keep lots of fresh fruit to munch on in the appartment and with you during the day.

    I'm sure you will have a blast hun, you seam to know what your doing just stick to it, and if you do have a few treats dont beet yourself up about it, YOUR ON HOLIDAY!!!! lol :D

    Have a fab time hun :D xx
  5. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    I'm staying in SC accomodation when we go away (a friend's timeshare so I know the kitchen is decent). I'm taking pasta and sauce packets for lunch (when in the resort) and will be eating SS fruit for breakfast. That way, I can still have a nice meal out in an evening. I love seafood so I will hopfully be able to eat relatively well. Plus, I love G&T which I can still enjoy without going too OTT.

    Good luck and have fun xx
  6. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Yes, go and have a really good holiday, enjoy yourself, safe journey to you.

    Congratulations on getting to your target, well done.
  7. weemo

    weemo Trying again!!!

    I agree with Donnie ~ just go and have a fab time. Well done on getting to target, xx
  8. kevandju5

    kevandju5 Maintaining

    Thanks for all the tips! See you in a couple of weeks. (Or sooner if I go to an internet cafe!) xx
  9. Danielle_

    Danielle_ Full Member

    have a great time, ive just go back from holiday i have put quite a bit on but i really enjoyed myself and with SW i know i can loose it all and moreit will just take some time :]x
  10. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

    Walk, swim and ENJOY YOURSELF! (that's an order!) Any damage can soon be repaired when you get back!

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