Idea's for tonight's Tea

It's my 1st weigh in tonight so I really need to prepair something for tea this afternoon to save me popping in the chippy which is located right over the way from WI :eek:

Anyhow.. I have brought some frozen Quorn Sausages.. Now I am a big sausage fan & I have a feeling I am just not going to like these, So what can I do to give them some taste? (i hear they taste very bland) I intend to try Sausages, SW Chips, Egg & Beans. Not a meal I would ever of imagined having for tea but I know DH will be able to do it if I prep it all before I go.

I don't have any worcester/soy sauce in and thats the only thing I have read to put on them?

Thank You :D
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Just cover in loads of beans.. haha

or buy morrisons eat smart diet pork sausages, they'r lush and free. x


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Saw this the other day and was going to try it, but have no sausages at the minute.

I presume the foil packet is just made from ordinary tin foil and everything sealed in adnI would add some mushrooms and other bits and pieces maybe pepper and some chilli.

"" I did them in a tinfoil 'packet' in the oven with some stock and carrots, and they have come out really well. I can't believe the difference ""

Hope you find something and good luck with your WI :D


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I love the Quorn sausages, but I haven't eaten meat in 14 years so I'm probably not the best judge!
You could make up a little bit of gravy (1 syn for a tsp gravy granules) and 'paint' that onto them, or a little bit of pasata with some chilli powder/flakes to give them a kick?

Or, when in doubt, KETCHUP! (1 syn per level tbsp)


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Must admit I don't like Quorn sausages much. If you fancy chips how about syn free chips and curry sauce, all syn free on a green day.


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I love quorn sausages, but I quite like the bland flavour. I often have a bit of a syn and have gravy with them, like I would ordinary sausages!

Hope WI went well x


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The only way I would eat them, is done in a slow cooker, in a casserole, for ages.



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I have just had bangers and mash with beans :p:p I fry the quorn sausages in red onion and garlic for 10mins then put them under the grill for 5.. but as someone said they are still bland ... so cover them in beans xxx
Well ladies.. Yuk Yuk Yuk! Quorn is not for me.. They are like like hollow tubes.. Tried Chilli ones but nope.. Not even covered in beans and brown sauce. Thank You for all the tips. SW chips are liveable!



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I LOVE SW chips... I seriously dont think I could Survive without them ! x


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I like quorn sausages, at least you know you don't have a mouthful of eyeballs and wotsits! they can be bland but if you make some onion gravy or casserole them, i don't think you can really taste the difference. texture is different though, they have no grissle. ha ha. I do love real sausages too, i like real good quality meat ones. I have a cheap meat phobia!