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If you cant find a Syn value....

What do you do if you cant find the Syn value for something?

I had a small portion of chips from the Chinese tonight, half a portion really but cant find it anywhere and noone seems to know how many Syns. Ive had a look through the eating out section but its not helping me at all.

WHat do you do if you cant find something???
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fish and chip shop chips would be the same syn value i reckon.

fish and chip shop chips - half a portion -

red - 13.5
green/ee - 8.75


if i can't find what i'm looking for i go for the things most similar to it - you can't go far wrong that way :)


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If you can't find what you're looking for in the book, then use the online directory or the calculator, if you don't have access to the site, ask one of the lovely people here and they will soon help you out.

The longer you are on the diet, the easier it is to make guesstimates, but this can be dangerous as you might think something is one 1 or 2 and turns out to be 10!!
Just a little tip I was told once - in general for items that don't have a free food in them - ie. Crisps, Sweets etc.......
Find the calories for the serving then calculate ..... 10 cals = 1/2syn......20 cals = 1 syn etc so for example a sweet which is 70cals would be 3.5 syns. IF the cals are not exact like that then re. earlier calculations anything up to 14cals is 1/2syn anything 15cals to 24cals is 1 syn - so 25cals = 1.5 syns - is this clear as mud?

It makes more sense if spoken than typed - LOL

This approach I double check and it always works out re. synsonline etc - good way to gauge if you want something before knowing the syns for sure.


Find the calories for the serving then calculate ..... 10 cals = 1/2syn......20 cals = 1 syn
Poppy you are right. Between you, me and the whole website my consulant told us this too. SW told her not to go spreading it about though lol ;)

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