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if you've eaten

oh not sure hon to be honest,what exactly did you eat? There are some things you might get away with,but then probably lot's you can't.
I ate on 2 of my weeks on CD,once at a wedding and once when I went Thorpe Park but still lost 3lbs on each week so hopefully you will be ok.
Good luck for WI x
Mmm ok so could have been worse/better lol but when I went to the wedding I had eaten......now let me think....
Ah ha,half a slice quiche,cous cous,chicken,salmon,salad,bit of chocolate cake and a piece of fruit wedding cake. I am sure there was more I nibbled on but have slept since then so can't remember but did drink d.coke all day as well.

Anyway the point is I still lost 3 lbs so hopefully it won't be too damaging for you,will be checking on here mon eve to see how your WI goes x
If it was a slice of bread and a regular portion bag of crisps, I don't think you'll have done too much damage - but water probably won't flush it through. (Hoping you don't mean a whole loaf and a family pack of crisps!)

If this could happen again (e.g. because they're in the house for other people) you could try to get weight watchers crisps and a loaf of nimble in? - absolutely minimal damage at least if it happens then.
Thanks hun, im gunna guzzle the water tonight...and defo 100% today went on scales and apparantly ive put on 6lbs in like 9hrs? How the hell i dont know lol but maybe thats all the water i been drinkin i have done at least 4 litres!

Thanks again xx
No i bought them from the shops i had an arguement with the OH and we split (again) so felt down! oh god i better keep my fingers crossed for monday eeeeeek lol!! i was so close so sept challenge aswell!
Weight fluctuates through the day with intake (usually upwards, sadly for us all) and water is actually quite heavy. Plus your CD 'meals' weigh too. This could well be contributing to your scale situation.

Understandable it happened given the circumstances you described - but get straight back up again and don't beat yourself up!
the one thing you need to be aware of is that although your cals wont be effected too much over the week, depending how carb sensitive you are, you might have just topped up your glycogen which is usually 3/4 of your first weeks loss so i'm told and that usually takes 3-4 days to bugger off again....
So just be warned that it MIGHT have an effect on the scales at this weeks weigh in, but then again, it MIGHT not!
Fingers crossed for you though

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