I can do this!

@tipperary you are so right, meal prep is key and I do know this so I just need to give myself a shake.

Today’s food: scrambled eggs and mushrooms, chicken stir fry with as much veg as possible. Maybe a protein shake. Just a 16hr fast tonight.
Well I massively binged on chicken stir fry last night, hate my overeating disorder so much. Today, TOTM has turned up a week early so that goes some way to explaining it but still.
Refocus. B - scrambled eggs with mushrooms/onion/spinach
L - feta & black olive salad with balsamic dressing (eating out and best menu option)
D - early, protein shake made with soya milk

Will stop eating around 3pm so not tempted to overeat. Gives me a 19 hour fast till tomorrow.
Pleased I’ve kept on top today, I’ve eaten three sensibly sized meals (the eggs, the feta salad then swapped dinner to eat the same as the wee ones so had cheese on lentil crisp breads, bean sprouts and cherry tomatoes (They also had apple and greengages). Feel so much better emotionally and physically.
Tomorrow will be a long day, appointment in town 20 miles away then back home and other direction 20 miles to lay remembrance flowers at the cemetery. It is a hard day for my DP, he was in a bad car accident in his work minibus years ago, someone drove head first in to them, he was badly injured, had to learn to walk again and his best friend since primary died on impact. As did a few others, who he had also known since childhood. It devastated the community and left DP with awful ptsd. We leave a lot of flowers, and it’s still heartbreaking.
I’ve lost 1.6lbs this week, very pleased as would expect a gain at this point in cycle. So that’s 10.6lbs lost in 4 weeks. And feel much better. Really do need to up exercise in this next 4 weeks.
It does feel good. I can see a slight difference in how my tops are sitting on me - not as stretched lol.
A good friend recommended I joined Noom, so I’ve done that today. It says I can get to my goal weight next Spring, I’d really like that. It recommends weighing every day, I haven’t done that for years, we’ll see.
That’s funny, I have a top on today I’ve never got away with wearing. Hurray.
If I need to motivate myself I weigh daily. I am this week as I have a goal. If i’m Having a slow week tho I don’t weigh daily as fluctuating scales readings used to derail me. I tend to ignore them these days and look at the bigger picture.
Interested to see how you find noom. I’ve never used it.
Well, I’ve 14 days free - we’ll see. It’s on about calorie density, so the fewer calories per 100g the better as it fills you up much more. I get that, but it’s difficult coming from a low carb mindset! The daily psychological aspect is probably stuff I already know in theory, but maybe it’s the right time for it to become known in practice. I’ve looked at proteins - cottage cheese is low density, white fish, lentils, turkey, beans, lentils. All good long term eating sources.
Oh today’s food:
B - protein shake
L - feta & olive salad
D - roasted celeriac, and a paprika-laden seafood stew with tomatoes, courgettes, onions, spinach.
Laying here needing a pee but when I get up the day will start as wee ones will hear my door. Had more sleep than normal, which is nice as was v tired, but feel a bit sluggish and headachy, hate the day starting with a headache as it generally means it’s going to be a long one. I have lifelong problems with my eyes that cause frequent background headaches.
Today I’m walking the dog on the beach, and then housework. Will also look at damage last night’s wind did to the gardens.
Ooh that’s horrible. I take preventative migraine meds daily since 2016. Obviously different but I know how dihabilitating headaches are. Hope you have a good day and it passes xx
Completely rearranged the living room this evening, better now I think. Food was fine, eggs for breakfast and fish and vegetables for dinner. Had a single mouthful of lemon poppyseed cake at lunch, it was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had and could easily have snarfed the lot but willpower!
Tomorrow eggs followed but roast chicken, green beans, carrots and mashed swede. Thank l’ll make apple and blackberry crumble for the children and some blackberry fool for me.
Yes, the declittering seems constant here. The house is too small for us, but it’s home, so we muddle on.

Nice surprise trip to the beach today with a friend and her children, and lunch at a lovely cafe there. I’m quite an introvert but it’s good for the kids and I do enjoy things really, just get very tired after.
B - sprouted rye bread and jam, cup of tea
L - scrambled eggs/tomatoes/mushrooms
D - lentil soup and a poppy seed roll, no butter.
Yuck I feel incredibly bloated today, well not just feel lol I am incredibly bloated. Need to research what’s best to help with that as it seems to be affecting me a lot of months in my forties. Had scrambled eggs for breakfast but not at all hungry now so might just play it by ear and maybe fast till tomorrow.
The sprouted rye bread is very tasty - I was trying to work out what it reminded me of but couldn’t - and then my six year old chimed “it has the consistency of flapjack” and she was absolutely so right! Much better for us all than ultra processed so am happy she and her wee sister like it and have bought more.
Rough day. Scrambled eggs. Rye bread and Quorn slices and a tomato. Half a pack of Nairn’s Caremalised Onion flatbreads. Electrolytes.